Capcom vs SNK Codes at Last!!


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Well this is some odd stuff but I just got these codes from a close friend of mine. So if you have an arcade near you with Capcom vs SNK you'll need to talk to whoever runs the place and get them to input these codes in the machine settings.

These codes are for the arcade version. Insert coin, hold LP+HP, press start. Now everyone is tier 2.

Go to "Game Test Mode"
Go to "Password"
Enter the following:
0H2DK0EI (zero,H,two,D,K,zero,E,I)
Allow you to fight Akuma in the final stage if conditions were met
Allow you to fight Morrigan or Nakoruru and unlock all 4 extra colour for each character
Unlock all ratio 1 extra characters
Unlock all ratio 2 and 4 extra characters
Unlock all ratio 3 extra characters
Unlock all extra characters

Well It finally explains why nothing was never unlocked in the arcade versions. I hope this helps anyone who might have been at a loss for what to do. Latahs. ^_~



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One extra tidbit about the Ratio 2 trick... it only works at the start of the game, and it will stay in that mode until the game is over. So, a person simply just can't join in during a game in progress and apply the code, thinking that they'll be able to use the "B&G Alliance" against someone's team of four ratio one characters.

But this DOES mean I can do sadistic team-ups like Geese & Terry.

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