Can I play ms pacman on my mvs system?



I am a hobbyist who just aquired a neo MVS system and would like to know if i can buy a cart to play ms. pacman on my neo system?


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Not an offical version, but there may be a bootleg one around (though I have never seen or heard of it). For a complete list of games for the Neo Geo, take a look at the Master list on this site. If you find a Ms Pac Man someday though haha, let me know where, cause I want one too!!!



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If Ms. Pac Man is JAMMA, you should be able to unplug your MVS unit from the JAMMA harness and plug in the Ms. Pac Man PCB. I use an HGA though, and don't know how dedicated MVS cabinets work, but I assume how the MVS connects is the same way.

As for an actual Ms. Pac Man MVS cart, I doubt you'll find one, unless someone made a hacked version for whatever reason like Nick said.


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Ms Pacman is not JAMMA by nature, but many boards have been converted to jamma and are selling on Ebay (for high prices, I might add...)

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Or just buy a regular Pac Man board and have a jamma adaptor made for it. Cost is usually around $35, depending on the compexity of the adaptor.