Buying from Supersellers


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How long did everyone have to wait to get their carts from supersellers? I want to order from them, but I have heard some say that it takes forever to get your shipment.
On their website it says it only takes 3-5 days for deliveries to arrive. Is this true?
Also, does anyone know if it takes longer for them to process your order if you pay by postal money order?


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I've orderd from Supersellers both by international postal money order and by credit card once he started accepting them. When I used to pay by money order, it used to take approximately 11-13 days from the time I mailed the money order to when the games arrived at my door. When I paid by credit card, it took 6 days from the time I submitted my credit card info to when I got the games. Hope the info helps.

....I am still waiting on them to process an order I made well over a month ago. I guess some orders just get lost in the cracks.
I ordered several neo cd's from them last Sunday and I received them today. I just started dealing with them and I highly recommend them.



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This depends on if the games are in stock or not (some games advertised are not in stock, he gets the $$ and finds the games), my orders from Supersellers take between 8 days to 2 months to arrive. The reason he uses EMS is not for speed, but tracking. It may be irritating and frustrating, but once you make the payment, your order will come through eventually. I figure, I've waited a lot of Neo-Geo stuff for years, a month or so doesn't seem to bother me at all, knowing they'll arrive.


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I dont know exactly ehat is Shinichirou's problem, but I bought about US$400 dollars stuff off him last year.Ive e mailed him about 7-8 times this year for the same old atuff (home carts ff2, fatal fury special, and world heroes 2) but I never get a reply.Does this guy only reply to 1000 dollar orders or is he just lazy.Its very poor business practice.I have to admit one time I backed out on an order, but I said sorry and told him straight away, but he's never replied to any e mails since.
Speaking of humerous SNKglish, this guy Shinichirou is in a league of his own.SNK aint got shit on his english.


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If I were in any of your positions I'd try to find a Japanese speaking buddy and call this person right up and find out what happened...

Supersellers is truly a mixed bag. On one hand you get stories like yours. On the other hand you hear about cartridges on his webpage that are supposibly "bad condition" but turn up almost looking brand new!

If I win an auction now on ebay for a Samurai Spirits it will be the first time I have bought anything outside the United States (the seller is in the UK)

He has alot of good feedback but I still feel nervous.


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So far, no sign of my order and no responses to any of the three e-mails I sent them... but they already have their money through a credit card payment. Grant it, it's only $150 and I would be a little upset if I got screwed, but blatantly ignoring e-mail messages is just wrong. If the people at SuperSellers don't like to treat their customers well unless they spend a LOT of money, then they shouldn't deal with people who want to make small purchases or just put on their web page that they have an ordering minimum.

It's too early to tell if SuperSellers will come through for me... I'll give them a few more weeks before I start weeping.


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I tried ordering over 20 carts, and I cant get a damn email reply, they wrote me 2 times out of the eight I wrote them, and we have still never finalized the deal, and other people havve even gotten the carts I was ordring already because they are low grade sellers who dont understand english and give a crap about customers, and service.