Buriki one


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Does anyone know if the hyper 64 game, Buriki one is any good?Or even better does anyone have screenshots?Is it true art of fighting characters appear in it?Is it better than the UFC game on dreamcast.?Does anyone have it for trade?

well i have played it for a total of 10 hours and I have it at home. That is not to say it is a bad game just hard to get used to. From what I have been told it is fun once you are used to it but I currently do not like it to much. here is a little about it

1. The controls are unstandard you use the joystick to punch and the buttons to move back and forth.

2. there is 1 art of fighting character there. The blonde haired guy ryo.

3. it is mostly techinical fighting (no big jumps in the air, fireballs special flary moves etc.)

ok you basicly start in a ring and stand toe to toe punching at the guy. if you get knocked out of the ring it just put you back in. I find this also a little annoying. why bother having ring out if all it is going to do is just put you back in. I guess it gave you an escape route when you are getting pummeled.

there appears to be alot of varity for combos, chain moves as I said technical fighting. I have not played ufc so I can not do a comparsion. As I said I do not like it to much right now. maybe if I spend some time on it to learn all the punches and move combos and really sit at it to try some things I might..but Right now I am not playing it to much.


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