Boxed systems, NES, Playstation/2, Handhleds, etc items added 8-11-20


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Sep 6, 2005
Second try for some of this stuff. Ive been meaning to shed some of the systems and I'm finally getting around to it. I've done my best to price these fairly...please PM me with any reasonable offers and we'll talk.

Shipping is from the US and NOT included in the price. I'm not saying I won't ship overseas...but these boxes are large and often heavy so it will cost you big time. Because getting overseas quotes on stuff like this is a pain, we'd have to make a solid deal before I'll even consider it.

All of these are from smoke free home, btw...a factor that has been important to me in the past, especially when considering in box items.

NES Power set in box. This set is almost 100% complete and is only missing the OEM RF video adapter. All original paperwork, original game pak. Box is in very solid shape. Console works but probably needs a new 72-pin. $150

NES Top Load. Comes with console and "dog bone" controller only, no power supply, no RF adapter, 100% working. $75*SOLD

1x N64 console, original dark grey. Comes with the deck, 2x OEM controllers, a power supply, and that stupid memory expansion pack (not installed, both have the OEM pack installed and the additional memory unit). OEM black and purple controllers. $75

NES Advantage controller complete in box $40

Double player wireless controller set complete in box, $30

GameBoy lot:
Original, working GameBoy. Original box (empty), GameBoy carrying case. LightBoy, OEM link cable. OEM GB headphones. Games: Metroid II, Tetris, Kirby’s dream land.


GB Final Fantasy Legends II, complete in box. $50 *SOLD*

Game Gear package. I think the unit needs a new cap on the board or something. It works, kinda. Sometimes it powers up, most times it powers on, then quickly turns off. I have some games with it, I'll list those out later. I thought I had more games, I don't. Comes with X-men and Sonic 2. Also comes with a Powerback (untested), and an OEM magnifier. $50

100% working gen 2 Lynx in a nice case with, OEM power supply, Ninja Gaiden, Gauntlet, and xenophobe. Really nice shape. $175 *SOLD

PS2 slim silver unit complete in box, 8mb OEM memory card $100. If you want the new in package blue PS2 controller controller, add $40.*SOLD*

Early model (full A/V composite outputs on console), 100% working PS1 in complete in box. $75

Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition Arcade stick PS 2 / Xbox (no box, does have original instructions. Excellent shape)+ Lik Sang/Tototek PS2 to SNES controller converter: $100

PS2 games:

Pinball hall of fame: $7
Metal Gear Solid 3: $9
Fatal Fury Battle Archives vol 1: $10
Taito Legends 2: $13
SNK arcade classics vol 1: $16
Midway Arcade Treasures vol 3: $14
RE Code Veronica X: $12
Gameshark 2: $30
SF II Anniversary collection: $10
Capcom Classics Collection: $10
Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2: $10

GBA e*reader stuff.

Man, here's a tough one to price. I really have no real clue what this stuff is really worth.

E*reader, complete LOSE SMB 4 card sets (both series 1 and 2), Donkey Kong 3 card set, Donkey Kong Jr Card set...and some random Animal Crossing card. $75

The two in package SMB 4 card sets? Eh...prices are all over for those. $50 each, I guess. Some goofballs are asking well over $100 a set for these. You can have them both for $75.


Sega Genesis 2 with Sega CD 2 lot. Please read the following carefully.

Ok, so I've had this stuff sitting around for years. I have the following:

Sega Genesis 2- last I checked the unit works just fine. It has an OEM power brick. I do not have an AV cable for it, so I cannot test it at the moment. It powers up, but that's the best I can tell.
2x 6 button OEM controllers
2x 3-button OEM controllers
2x Sega OEM controller cable extensions
Sega OEM 6-button arcade stick

Lastly, the Sega CD 2...this fella never powered up, I'm not sure what the deal was with it. I do not have an OEM power supply for it anymore. I cannot tell about the state of the drive as like I said before, it never powered up. It might be able to be fixed, I do not know. Looking online, it seems that a fuse can be replaced on these...if you're so inclined.

$75 takes the lot.
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Sep 6, 2005
Updated things, added some stuff, lowered some prices.

Not having a PS2 now, I'm really motivated to shed all my PS2 stuff...make me an offer if you want it.