[Blazing Star] Stage Select and minor tweaks

Enabling the Stage Select code was too much hassle so I made it default.

Along the way, I made other minor changes.
1. Level Select - adjusted alignment and colour
2. Stage Select - enabled by default, changed text, adjusted alignment and colour
3. Ending text - changed text to make it less painful to read

Level Select before:
239-p1 0.003 flipped pre-mod.png

Level Select after:
239-p1 0.006 flipped post-mod.png

Might be imperceptible, but the font colours are all different. Kept within the original palette.

Stage Select before:
239-p1 0.004e, 0.005 flipped pre-mod.png

Stage Select after:
239-p1 0.004e, 0.005 flipped post-mod.png

Changed the colours too. Took the liberty to change "CRIFF" to "CLIFF".

Ending text before:
239-p1 0.002b flipped pre-mod.png

Ending text after:
239-p1 0.002b flipped post-mod.png

And as much as Engrish is good for some yuks, a whole paragraph is a bit too much for me.


NeoSD neo file
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RevQuixo. Who He?,
You'd think more would appreciate this but I think its cool as hell. In fact, I'm gonna test it out tonight!


Official NG Youngun
This is a nice mod, and the improved translation is excellent. Great work CP. P ROM edits I’m guessing?
@Digmac Yes, all changes applied in the P1 ROM.

@GohanX Yes, that's actually possible, but it would detract from the feel of the game.


RevQuixo. Who He?,
Finally rom hacks are being made for the Neo.

I dunno, I think "Hack" and i imagine some modification to the gameplay or stupid stuff that screws around with the integrity of the game itself. I see this through a different lens. I guess any modification would be considered a hack but "hack" and neogeo have always been naughty combo in my head.

This aint naughty.


Nice. Now can you disable the BONUS BONUS BONUS?

Thank you. Whoever was responsible for that should be put on LSD and tortured with BONUSESS full blast along the ride... until he realises the biggest mistake in his life.
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