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Hi Guys,

I have had this 4 slot board in storage for a while now since I never had the patience to fix it until now. I am getting this error:

Anyone has any idea what ram chip could be causing this?

I have searched around but I have not found anyone with the same exact error.



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I don't know for this board off the top of my head, but the RAM configuration is two ICs representing the upper and lower 8 bits to form a 16 bit word. This looks like bit 4 (out of 0-7) is stuck low, likely a bad trace, on the backup RAM that is for the lower 8 bits. It's possible the RAM is actually bad, but this probably a trace issue given that it's in the backup RAM.


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I'd check the continuity on all the traces of the ram and also look for corrosion.

When you get a READ 55xx (where x=any number), then the problem is related to the "lower" ram, that is the ram whose data lines (D0-D7) are connected to D0-D7 of the CPU. When you get a READ xx55, the problem is the "higher" ram, with data lines connected to D8-D15 of the CPU. Check Nightmare Tony's many and very useful posts on the subject.


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It could also be a bad IC controlling the read/write mode of the RAMs (74HC32). I had that issue on my MV-1FZ board, IC17 was faulty.