Arcade boards (CPS1, CPS2, PGM, NG, etc)


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Jul 22, 2005
Decided to part with these to fund other stuff. Will upload pics tonight. Payment via PPG, BT or Paypal and you pay the fees. Keeping these in the UK/EU for now.

Sega System 16 Shinobi = £170 (conversion, it was an original Dynamite Dux board). I will also include the original Dynamite Dux roms so you can switch between both games. The board has had a full professional recap with quality Rubycon capacitors therefore it's good for another 30 years! It's also de-suicided.


CPS2: Super Street Fighter 2, blue B board = £150 Battery changed a month ago.
CPS2: Street Fighter Alpha, blue B board = £120 Battery changed a month ago.
CPS2: Xmen Vs Street Fighter kit (matching serials) = £220.

PGM motherboard = £100: Fully recapped again with quality Rubycon caps. CRCR232 battery holder installed.

Neo Geo 6 Slot MVS: Fully recapped by a pro, CRC232 battery mod, all slots working fine = £180 PENDING

SF2 Champion edition + SF2 Hyper Fighting for £300 a pair. ON HOLD

Final Fight PCB (this has had some ROMs replaced - a repair probably - works 100% fine) - £140 - Now £120 SOLD

Street Fighter 2 - The Word Warrior (US) - £150 (mint AF board!) PENDING

Tekken 1 PCB - Recapped recently - £80

New Zealand Story (single PCB version) - £120 PENDING

Pictures of all the above (album view): (What you see in the album not listed is not for sale)
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Apr 20, 2013
Some good stuff there! That Final Fight is a conversion tho.