Anybody reserved KOF 2000 yet?

Hi. I was wondering who reserved theirs yet. I reserved mine a while ago at NCS, but, they don't know how much it will cost. At super sellers web site, you can reserve it for $380. On various web sites, they said that it will cost $380 when it comes out. So I guess it's true? And any of you guys know the exact date of the relese? Thanks!


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Yeah I reserved it at NCS. The release date was Sept but I think it was pushed back until late Oct.


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Well, I supposedly reserved two copies of KOF 2000 with NCS. However, they don't have an actual release date (they say October 2000 right now), and it seems like the whole thing is still up in the air.

I'm not sure where all the $380 prices are coming from, I don't think Aruze/SNK have announced a price for the home cart yet. Sounds like profiteering to me, on the part of Japan Video Games and whoever else. NCS has sold virtually every recent home cart release for $268 + shipping, so we'll see what happens with this one.

As for any other home carts, it seems to me that if Aruze is really developing MS4 and Garou 2, they should release at least these two for home cart. It may be too much to hope for, but all the Metal Slug games are incredible, and I'd love to pick up a MS4 home cart.

As has been said many times before, they need to port the MS games over to the DC. Its not right to leave them in a niche market, where almost no one can experience them . . .
Hey Chimp,
Do you really want to see insane games like Metal Slug 3 and Mark of the Wolves on Dreamcast? It would break my heart to see that happen. I own the MS3 home cart and I would be freakn pissed if any punk ass kid with a dreamcast could just waltz down to Electronics Botique and pick one up for $39.99. I mean I own a dreamcast too but it just wouldn't be right to steal that from the poor old Neo...


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Well, you know that any DC port of a game like Metal Slug 3 wouldn't be the same as owning the REAL THING for the Neo Geo home cart system (no instand load, for one thing). I understand that you wouldn't be happy to see your $270+ MS3 game, converted to run on a DC and sold for $50 . . . but you and I both know that there's something about running a game ON the Neo that just can't be replicated, or at least hasn't been yet.

Now that the initial run of MS3 carts has sold out, the cart can only be had for $400+, which puts it completely out of reach of most gamers. It's such a fantastic game, I just hate to see it relegated to a niche market with just a tiny quantity available, only to the hardcore fanatics like you and me!


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Ukyo muttered the following:

I own the MS3 home cart and I would be freakn pissed if any punk ass kid with a dreamcast could just waltz down to Electronics Botique and pick one up for $39.99."

I suppose you're also upset that any "punk ass kid" with ¢25 in their pocket is capable of playing Metal Slug 3 when they encounter an MVS cabinet equipped with the aforementioned title. I can't understand why anyone would have such an elitist attitude about video games.
Oh,no thats not the case at all DolphinLord,
I just think that the NEO GEO is something special for alot of us and emulating its games onto other consoles takes away what the system is all about. I think that the NEO is something alot of casual gamers don't understand and never will. You should see the look on my "casual gaming" friends faces when I tell them how much I've invested into it. But thats not even what its about. People who have only played video games for the last few years would just look at Neo games like they were a piece of shit. I do also understand the positive impact it can have. The first time I ever played Metal Slug was on my saturn, and if it wasn't for that i probably wouldn't have my NEO home cart right now. And, I think MVS machines are the greatest things in the world and it gives everyone a chance to play amazing neo games, the greatest games ever made(that is if they can actually find an MVS in a local arcade) Its not that I dont want people to enjoy neo games, I just don't want them to be taken for granted...sitting on a shelf next to WWF attitude or some shit like that...

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We should all meet in the chat room tonight (I think its 6:00pm) and discuss these topics together...


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KoF 2000 was SUPPOSED to be released in late August. Then it was supposed to be released in early September. Then it was supposed to be released in late September. And now it'supposed to be released in October? I don't know where these later dates came from.

When I spoke to Azure, they said they are not sure the situation with KoF 2000.

At first, I didn't think the MVS would even be released. And I have told people from about 2 months ago (July) that I was about 80% thinking there wouldn't be an AES version.

I know it's a bold statement, but there still is a 20% chance that it will.
Anyone can say it will come out, and say a game like "Ganryu" or some other 3rd party game wouldn't come up - because that's normal. But never on a marquee game like KoF 2000.

I'm taking the risk in my thinking that the KoF 2000 AES wouldn't come out.

KoF 2000 is a franchise game. If it DOES come out, it will be because Aruze can make more money or merchandising (toys, t-shirts, comics, etc...) then they can with the actual AES cartridge release.

When I first said I didn't think there would be a KoF 2000, that was back in early July. Now it's just about September, and I am thinking now that it's at 50/50 that it will or won't. Which shows I have NO CLUE.

I hope it does get releasd, otherwise people will have to either spend a LOT right now to get it converted to AES, or they will have to wait about 2 years to get it. And in 2 years it will still cost about $600 to convert that cartridge to AES.

Dion - wishing KoF 2000 get's released.


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When I made those predictions about KoF 2000, that was just "Dion's" thoughts, and not that of the other members of NGF.

Other members said it will 95% chance come out (even they weren't 100% sure).

So, as it is right now, we at NGF have been given no deals from Aruze or other distributors as to the situation on KoF 2000.

I wish we could tell everyone that it ws "100% coming soon," but we just don't know.

It seems that Aruze is more tight lipped than SNK used to be.

But, here's to hoping that KoF 2000 will be released on AES soon.



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Ive just preordered 2 copys of king of fighters 2000. Now if it dosnt come out im going to hurt someone.


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I would have to TOTALLY AGREE WITH UKYO on the issue of MS3 being converted on the Dreamcast. Neo-Geo is SOOOOO much different than ordinary consoles. I know that im pretty much a NEO Newbie but i still get that great feeling when I pop in a Neo Cart. Its kinda like, a powerful feeling like, " WOW, I WISH ALL GAMES WHERE AS GREAT AS THIS!" If you are into what me and all the other OLD-SCHOOL players are into, then NEO-GEO has to be the GREATEST POSSIBLE SYSTEM AVAILABLE for YOU!

- NeoZero
I reserved mine about 2 months ago at NCS..
1 ex and they sayd that they will make contact asp, when they have the game rady to ship..


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