AES cart boots info

Mr Vengeance

Neo Bubble Buster
I'm relatively new to the world of AES cart buying, and I was just wondering if anyone can provide me with information on how to identify a fake or conversion AES cart in the flesh, or what to look out for on eBay when buying.

Obviously I only want to buy genuine Neo Geo AES cartridges and not fakes or MVS concersions, so I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me!

Thanks in advance.


Mr. Big's Thug
Most conversions are conversions of titles where the original's the price tag is soaring. In English: Metal Slug is usually more than $1000 US. If it is $150, it is a conversion. If it is too cheap to be true, then it is not true. One more tell-tale sign of these expensive titles is that if the manual is missing, it is a high probability that you are dealing with a conversion.

Straight out fakes are common when talking MVS, but I am still waiting to see a complete fake (fake boards and eproms) for AES. I would not say they don't exist, but at least I haven't seen one. Eprom conversions do exist though.