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My question for any who may know: Is there any problem in using a class 5 home cart, like KoF '98 let's say, if I wanted to have Shock Troopers or Neo BomberMan, both class 4 games, converted?

Thanks a lot for any help.


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It all depends on which game and which sac cart you want to use. Let's do an example of Breakers Revenge. If you use something like Fatal Fury 3 or Kof 95 as a sac cart, I now only charge $50 to do the conversion because there is minimal work involved. If you use Samurai Showdown 2, then the charge is $75 because there is more work involved, but the sac cart is far cheaper for you that way.

If you have a particular game in mind, just drop me a line (jmkurtz@macola.com) and I'll give you a list of sac carts & costs.



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I woudln't recommend the "wiring."

I only do conversion when the ygo on the proper boards. And this way, you have the correct box for the insert.

NGF does the jobs for $70.



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Also, when you do your conversion, you can drop me a line for the insert, sticker, and manual (if you want the collectors version - which is better in case you resell your cart).

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Only go with the wiring when you are looking to do the conversion on a CHEAPER sac cart.

I always recommend a better board for Neo games, but nothing is wrong with wiring if you want to save some money...

I've never heard of wires falling off (at least from one of my conversions).



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Wire jobs WILL work, but as I have pointed out, the money the person TRIES to save by using a cheaper (wrong) sac cart will then be spent buying the correct "hard/lock box" for that cart. (if you can find them) They sell for $25 and NGF doesn't have anymore.

It seems all the people that have used the wrong sac carts have come to NGF to buy the correct boxes. When you ad it up, I think using the "wire job" will cost more money in the end (if you buy the correct box).

But I 100% recommend JMKurtz's work.
He is very skilled at Neo cart conversions.

Dion - "why wire?"


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lol, holy shit. for a minute there, i thought DION was posting again or something..........turns out NEO-CED just brought the post back from the dead.
neo-ced said:
just want to know :
what are you guys mean about "CLASS 4 or 5" ?

conversions discussion has been banned from this board long time ago.
dont bring threads like this from the dead.


Nick the Fury website used to has a table relating boards and their max rom storage (megs) without the need to do wiring.

Class 1 was the boards with least rom storage and 5 the most.
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