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Many of the games that were released on the home cart "rom" are available on the cd system
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Can anyone tell me if there r sites where i can get copies of the entire cd of neo geo games? I mean something like ISO copies. Does anyone know if that worx , CDR's in a neo geo? Also i wanna know if all the games that came out on the cartridge system, are they also all available on the cd system?

Ok well thanx a lot
Some Copys may work, some don´t. But thats not the point. In Germany u can get many old CD games for less money ( about 10 - 20 $ ).
If u wanna get some games buy them. But to answer u yes u can get some isos in the net, but im not telling u.
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thanx! what a guy u r ...
Youre welcome...
Well didnt i answered some of your questions ?? Well i guess thats the thank you for it......
Im a guy, youre a LAMER !!
as well i have a heart for lamers and if i recall the site i will post it for u.....