3 MVS related questions


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#1. When purchasing a single slot MVS board what should come with it? Any questions I should ask?

#2. If connecting to a system such as the HGA - will it automatically grab the 2nd channel of audio for stereo sound? If not, how would you wire it to take advantage of it?

#3. If you want to use the old style neo sticks instead of their HGA ones can I plug my old sticks into the connectors on the MVS board? From what I understand from someone on #rgvac (effnet) if you do this you can hit start and play the games but you won't be able to see the demos run.

That's all!


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Well, I don't have direct answers to your questions, but I think I can give you most of what you want to know.

For an MVS board, if you want stereo sound and the ability to use Neo joysticks, look for a 1-slot board with the joystick ports or a 2-slot. Don't go with a 4 or 6 slot, since I hear they drain too much power and may not work properly.

Basically, don't get a mini 1-slot. (That's what I have, actually.
) It has mono sound and no joystick ports. However, I kind of like the HGA joysticks anyway.

The mini 1-slot's model number is MVH-MV1B. Just don't get that one, and you should be fine.

I'm happy with my mini 1-slot though, but it would be nice to be able to use real Neo joysticks. ^_^

But to try to get to your questions...

1) Basically, you should get just the board. *Maybe* you'll get the manual too, but don't count on it. Go to Under the Neo Geo Moon for some scans of MVS manuals.

2) I don't know. I don't think you need to do any special wiring though.

3) I told you what I know about that above.

Hope this helps!