2x KOF 96 Carts...Both different inside?? WTF? Boot?


Overtop Pathfinder
Hey peoples, i have 2 japanese kof 96 carts here, i posted another thread (in the wrong section) about 1 being a boot, and it was decided that the one on the left in the picture is a SNK repair job, however i got myself another one and opened it up and now i'm really confused so i will just post a picture and let you guys who know more about it make a decision.

I left the pic big so you could see the writing on the chips, and i have covered those chips with tape that needed it.

Click the link for the pic.

Any advice welcomed.



Crossed Swords Squire
Yeah, they are legit, the one on the left looks like a revision of the original eproms, the one on the right.

You may want to cover up the windows on those exposed eeproms. :)