2 puzzle bobbles, are they both boots?


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top one is a boot, out of a gururin cart. A legit gururin can can be made out of it since more than half of the chips are still in this board.

bottom one is legit, you should cover M1 chip window to prevent the data inside from corrupting.


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Ok I got one more puzzle bobble here, I covered the windows with some cards this time, thanks:

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Thanks a lot, it is a great resource to even small time collector's that this sub forum is here and that there are people who are knowledgeable enough to answer in it regarding boots. :)


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2 More puzzles


I am a newbie to neo geo collecting. I was hoping the experts here could take a look at two puzzle bobbles I am being offered. I have looked around at pictures of boots and fakes and as far as I can tell these look good to me. But then again what do I know, im new at this! :)

Any chances these are real?

Puzzle Bobble:


Full Size: BB%20original.JPG

Puzzle Bobble 2:

Full Size: puzzle2.jpg

Any help you may be able to provide is much appreciated! Thank you!