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  1. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    I followed the directions exactly. The games boot fine (all slots), no glitches, look perfect to me, except no in-game sound. I'm pretty sure I've spent more money buying parts and tools to fix these boards than they're worth. The smart thing would have been to sell the boards as-is and be done...
  2. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    It's a MV2F. I tried something that's not usually recommended, but I piggybacked the 3016 and got sound. I also tried it on the 4 slot(didn't work), went back to the 2F, didn't get sound the second time. Still replaced it (I have several 3016's), still no in-game sound. I've kind of given up for...
  3. Mehunglo

    SOLD 2 Sega Saturn Phantom Modchips

    I'll take them both.
  4. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    On the 4 slot I used an older diag. and no jumbled graphics and was able to see this error. . This is my cart. . Tried it in 2 of the 4 slots, same error. Out of curiosity I removed the M1 eprom and still got the same error. Has my M1 been bad all this time? I've cleared the backup ram...
  5. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    I verified cart on working board. The jumbled letters are only with the audio part of the diagnostics. The hardware part is normal.
  6. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    I have a couple of boards that I've been working on that play games fine, but have no game audio. They both have sound in hardware test without game, but not with game inserted. The 2 slot I had in my dedicated cab, was working fine, turned it on one day, no audio. No battery leakage but still...
  7. Mehunglo

    Free to a good home: 2 slot Big Red MVS cab in SoCal

    That's actually a nice looking cab.
  8. Mehunglo

    Free MVS cart raffles!

    Already have both carts. Very cool idea though!
  9. Mehunglo

    Troubleshooting a MV-1FZ with the infamous "Z80 ERROR"

    Curious to hear if the board works.
  10. Mehunglo

    Sold: Non-working Prehistoric Isle 2 Eng. MVS $15 shipped

    Damn that was fast Teddy.
  11. Mehunglo


    I'll take the Neo Cd bundle if the 20 people before me don't want it!
  12. Mehunglo

    FS: Lots of MVS carts

    Most of those should sell quick. I'd buy some but shipping would stink.
  13. Mehunglo

    FS- Neo Geo X Gold package

    Wow! People are getting rid of these left and right!
  14. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    I'll try that.
  15. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    I'm having a problem with my M1 cart. I keep getting the Z80 dead error. I've tried it on a 2 and 4 slot which do not have audio yet the games work fine. I've already tried cleaning the carts and slots many times. Xian has been helping me troubleshoot the cart.
  16. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    Perfectly clear now. Thanks
  17. Mehunglo

    Neo Diagnostics ROMs

    Questions on the CHA board. Do I have to remove the C roms? I'm assuming I have to replace the M1 on the board with the M1 bin purchased.
  18. Mehunglo

    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    A seller there has one for 600.