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  1. egg_sanwich

    Gamecube collection unload

    Shipping from Canada, all prices in $USD. $10 flat rate shipping with tracking. Prefer shipping Canada/USA only, unless you're cool with $50 shipping. All complete except where noted. Ask questions as needed. $190 - Gameboy Player with Disk Games: $18 Amazing Island $40 Luigi’s Mansion...
  2. egg_sanwich

    NGPC Collection Unload

    Selling off my NGPC collection. It just don't get no love over here no more. Shipping from Canada, all prices in $USD. $10 flat rate shipping. Prefer shipping Canada/USA only, unless you're cool with $50 shipping. Hi res pics: Neo Geo Pocket Console (platinum blue) $45 NGPC official...
  3. egg_sanwich

    Question about GB/GBC/GBA cart batteries

    So I'm thinking about unloading a lot of my GB/GBC/GBA collection and I realize now that most of these little fuckers have save batteries in them. I can't say I've spent much time playing them in years, so someone please school me on the following: 1. Is it safe to assume they are all pretty...
  4. egg_sanwich

    Majora's Mask 3DS Console

    SOLD Selling my Majora's Mask edition New 3DSXL. I bought this at launch, and it has been adult owned and used (very lightly) since. Includes: * Console * Original Box and Paperwork * Original 4GB Micro SD Cardd * Original Stylus Original Majora's Mask download code was used and is not...
  5. egg_sanwich

    Fixeight PCB $400 shipped

    I’ve had my fill, ready for something else. Looking for a comparable shooty, let me know what you got. Can +/- $$ or pcbs to even out. USA region. Clean and no repairs. Shipping from Canada Edit: now for sale $400usd shipped.
  6. egg_sanwich

    SOTM January 2021 - Ghost Pilots and Fixeight

    Welcome to the first SOTM of 2021! Much to everyone’s chagrin, Neo Geo (un)favorite Ghost Pilots has tied for top spot along with Toaplan’s 1992 overhead run n gun Fixeight. Ghost Pilots - Neo Geo/Switch/PS4/XB1 Fly upwards and destroy the enemy in this military style shooter. Check out the...
  7. egg_sanwich

    SOTM January 2021 Voting Thread

    Hello shootem up fans and welcome to 2021! Keep your finger on the trigger and blast off to strike the evil empire with these fine selections. Something for everyone here: Neo Geo, Toaplan, Cave, new age and old school-ish choices all await you. This month’s choices: Under Defeat (Naomi...
  8. egg_sanwich

    PCBs Cave, Psikyo, Irem + Naomi Keyboards

    Selling a bunch of PCBs I no longer play. Prices in $USD Shipping from Canada, preferably to USA and Canada for now. International is possible, but don’t expect it to be cheap. Everything is legit, tested and working. More photos/videos available on request. CPS2 - all original, non-phoenix...
  9. egg_sanwich

    Black Friday Sell Off - PCE, MD, Genesis, SNES, TG16, GC, etc.

    Sale over for now, thanks y'all. I'll keep the sold prices below for reference. ------------ SOLD Stuff: SOLD $250 1944 The Loop Master - Japan SOLD $275 -> $225 Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo USA region SOLD $250 -> $200 Strikers 1999 SOLD $225 -> $185 Gekirindan...
  10. egg_sanwich

    SOTM March 2020 - Sengoku Blade/Tengai

    Welcome back shooter fans, this month we're playing Psikyo's horiztonal shooter, Tengai. To my knowledge, there are no variations between region. I also believe the ports (Saturn/PS2/Switch) are all accurate, and are thus fair game. Autofire allowed, please note whether you used it or not...
  11. egg_sanwich

    SOTM March 2020 Voting Thread

    Hello shooting fans! SOTM returns for March with a tasty selection of shooters that cover the gamut of classic 90s goodness. A rare console exclusive, a hori, a Neo Geo option (because obviously) and of course a CAVE game round out your choices this month. Get your votes in or quit your whining...
  12. egg_sanwich

    1 Slot MV1FS Sound Effects Problem

    My MV1FS has a funny issue with sound effects. In Metal Slug 2 for example, when picking up a hostage it says "Mission 2 Start!" instead of "Thank You" There are issues like this throughout the game, including bgm not looping, or missing sound effects. I've tried the standard stuff: - Clean...
  13. egg_sanwich

    Neo Drift Out MVS English Full Kit Matching

    Selling my Neo Drift Out MVS English full kit with matching serial numbers. Everything is in very good condition, box shows a small dent and minor creasing. See full pics for condition. Full pics here: $200 USD +$15 shipping in Canada/USA International possible...
  14. egg_sanwich

    WTT Kaitei Daisensou (In The Hunt)

    Hey all, Wanting to trade my JP region Kaitei Daisensou (In The Hunt) PCB, original unrepaired. Ideally looking for Donpachi. Also interested in other early Cave titles (Galuda and Ra.De) or possibly other titles. Can add $$/other PCBs depending on the trade. My horizontal monitor shit the...
  15. egg_sanwich

    CPS2 A Boards

    Have some spare CPS2 A boards. USA region, tested/working in decent shape, all buttons intact. Looking for $80 + shipping/PP fees. Shipping from Canada, preferably to US/Canada only. Canada Post international gets crazy expensive unfortunately.
  16. egg_sanwich

    MVS Carts, Kits, 4 Slot, etc. (Slug 5, Neo Turf, AoF 3...)

    Moving soon so getting rid of extra stuff I have laying around. If you have any questions, just let me know. All items will be shipped from Canada; shipping for MVS carts will be $12 for first cart, +$5 for each additional to Canada/USA. International will be at cost (heads up Canada Post gets...
  17. egg_sanwich

    Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo

    If anyone is going to VRGE tomorrow, my friend and I are running a Twinkle Star Sprites tourney on a Blast City cab. Also running a Street Fighter tourney in the blasts. Come say hi!
  18. egg_sanwich

    WTT Metal Slug 5 for Matrimelee MVS

    Looking to trade my Metal Slug 5 for a loose copy of Matrimelee MVS. Any region is fine. This cart had a CMC failure, so it was repaired with a CHA board swap. Works and plays fine now. Other MVS carts available for trade (all original, no boots, original label, loose unless otherwise...
  19. egg_sanwich

    Wtf is this - IGS keypad edition

    So I got a couple of these in a box of parts this week, and struggling to figure out what it is. Haven't found anything online either. Anyone have any ideas? It's a red metal box with the IGS logo on it, a keypad and a numerical counter/screen. The back has all kinds of inputs and outputs. It's...
  20. egg_sanwich

    Metal Slug 5 MVS Corrupt Graphics

    Hi all, I have this MS5 cart that is showing garbled graphics (see screenshot here: The sound works fine, and you can see the attract mode running, but everything on screen is a jumbled mess. When accessing the unibios with this cart active in my 4 slot, the unibios...