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    Weird graphic issue MV1FZ

    Hi all, I have an MV1FZ mobo that had a shortcircuit with the power supply and one of the CX5814P RAM chip burned. I have replaced both CX5814P-35L and tried the mobo again with a supergun and a PC powersupply (both in working state). I have it working but with an unpleasant graphic issue, all...
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    Help identifying this MV1FZ part

    Hello all, doing some works in a MV1FZ board i have lost one of the smd capacitors, labeled as PC. Can anyone tell me the value of capacitor to buy another one? I don't have a multimeter to know it. This is the picture: Thanks in advance
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    Power supply to consolize a Neogeo MV2F

    Hello, I'm preparing to consolize an MV2F Neogeo board and after reading all info I found I have a doubt about power supply. It seems that for one slot boards with +5V 3A is enough but with 2 slots... Which one should I get a +5V 3A or a +5V 4A? Which one should work best? Thanks in advance.