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    US MPC Transformers Skywarp MISB

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    Sonic Fighters,VF2 and Fighting Vipers coming to XBLA and PSN?!!!

    Sweeeet! I love Fighting Vipers. I hope it is the arcade!!!
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    Capcom JOJO's Bizarre Adventure coming to XBLA?! (PSN too probably!)

    Achievement listing was found! If this is true I am SOOO Happy!! :D
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    Happy Birthday KUNAI!!

    Happy Birthday KUNAI! :mr_t:
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    Happy Cinco de ChunkyLover53!!

    Happy Birthday to the TV fanatic,master of scanlines and guru of joystick configurations. May it be the best one yet. :lol:
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    Again legendary Loopz has a Birthday!

    Loopz! Have the best one yet good sir!!
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    Thunder Force model kit

    Too rich for my blood but man it looks sweet! :mr_t:
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    Happy Birthday Vanilla Thunder,Big Shady and Decepticreep!

    Have a great one guys! :multi_co:
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    Happy Birthday Smokehouse!!

    Have a few good ones sir and Happy Birthday. :mr_t:
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    Ikaruga 400 points this week!

    Grab it now for cheap!
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    Happy Birthday Kazuya_UK!!

    I dont even know if ya check here anymore but have a good one!! :mr_t:
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    Happy Birthday Chunky Lover 53 !

    Happy Birthday to the biggest Shoto fan ever! :mr_t:
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    PS2 SNK Ports and more sale!

    I am selling the following. US Buyers only at this time thanks! Postal Money Orders prefered but also accept Paypal. 2x PS2 to PS3 Pelican Joystick Adapters $30 each or $50 for both.
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    Wanted: 1 PS3 Pelican Ps2 Controller adapter!

    Got one today locally! Thanks for looking though. Delete this thread at your convenience mods!
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    Happy Birthday to Dash no Chris !!!

    Have a great one man! I havent seen ya in person since AnimeExpo in 04 I think but you always have been a great source of info on here. :multi_co:
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    SNK Arcade Classics PS2.....FAIL

    Hello fellow Neo Geo and SNK fans. Well we all waited for it. Looked to be amazing! Its not. It fails on many many levels. The good news first. You get 15 games! Neat intro and the design is pretty cool overall. The bad news......yikes. Every game on here is busted. There is either...
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    Dungeon Explorer DS = PSO on DS

    PSO and Dungeon Explorer fans. Check out the new Dungeon Explorer DS. It melds DE with PSO and it even works with Nintendo Wi Fi. I am diggin it alot!
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    Discs of Tron is up today on XBLA. So Far it is awesome.
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    US Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 coming 04/28/08?

    Amazon has US Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 coming 04/28/08? Same day as the SNK Classics. I hope so but I am not counting on it.
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    GBA gone!

    Gone. Mods delete please.