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  1. egg_sanwich

    WTB OR WTT : Ninja Commando MVS

    Wish I didn't sell my copy a few months ago, would've gladly traded for the NeoSD :cry: Good luck with the hunt!
  2. egg_sanwich

    Gamecube collection unload

    Accidental double post.
  3. egg_sanwich

    Gamecube collection unload

    Shipping from Canada, all prices in $USD. $10 flat rate shipping with tracking. Prefer shipping Canada/USA only, unless you're cool with $50 shipping. All complete except where noted. Ask questions as needed. $190 - Gameboy Player with Disk Games: $18 Amazing Island $40 Luigi’s Mansion...
  4. egg_sanwich

    NGPC Collection Unload

    Selling off my NGPC collection. It just don't get no love over here no more. Shipping from Canada, all prices in $USD. $10 flat rate shipping. Prefer shipping Canada/USA only, unless you're cool with $50 shipping. Hi res pics: Neo Geo Pocket Console (platinum blue) $45 NGPC official...
  5. egg_sanwich

    Question about GB/GBC/GBA cart batteries

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback folks!
  6. egg_sanwich

    Question about GB/GBC/GBA cart batteries

    So I'm thinking about unloading a lot of my GB/GBC/GBA collection and I realize now that most of these little fuckers have save batteries in them. I can't say I've spent much time playing them in years, so someone please school me on the following: 1. Is it safe to assume they are all pretty...
  7. egg_sanwich

    SOTM: DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm

    Love it when I have the game for sotm. Got this cart from mjmjr25 ages ago and never spent much time with it. Quick credit: egg_sanwich - 195,137,450 - 5 - ship 1 energy - pgm
  8. egg_sanwich

    SOTM March 2021: Gekirindan

    Solid game. A couple notes, Player 2 Type C is the strongest player in the game—your default power is the same as having one power up for everyone else I believe. There's one 1-up on the final stage, all you have to do is defeat the mid-boss. That I/O board is sweeeeeeet. Thankfully my Egret...
  9. egg_sanwich

    February 2021 SOTM: Raiden IV

    This was a tough game. Stage 3 was a brick wall for me, the final boss phase always finished me off even after panic bombing through my stock. I had improved my score a bit never posted it thinking I'd do better. Still wasn't enough to beat Panda though. Surprised LordBBH didn't show up and...
  10. egg_sanwich

    March SOTM Vote

    I’ll just do mame, it’s easy enough and decently accurate.
  11. egg_sanwich

    March SOTM Vote

    Damn just sold my Gekirindan F3 board! Never played Sengoku Ace before, so that gets my vote.
  12. egg_sanwich

    Happy Birthday RAZO

    HBD Razo
  13. egg_sanwich

    Fixeight PCB $400 shipped

    Haha man wish I didn't see this, literally just sold my ITH in December for less than half that. It's all relative I guess... In any case, this board is off to a new good home!
  14. egg_sanwich

    Fixeight PCB $400 shipped

    Now for sale! $400usd shipped in Canada/USA.
  15. egg_sanwich

    Majora's Mask 3DS Console

  16. egg_sanwich

    WTB: Famicom carts (looking for bundles)

    I got some, PM incoming
  17. egg_sanwich

    Majora's Mask 3DS Console

    SOLD Selling my Majora's Mask edition New 3DSXL. I bought this at launch, and it has been adult owned and used (very lightly) since. Includes: * Console * Original Box and Paperwork * Original 4GB Micro SD Cardd * Original Stylus Original Majora's Mask download code was used and is not...
  18. egg_sanwich

    Happy Birthday Neodogg

    Happy birthday Dogg, hope it's a good one!
  19. egg_sanwich

    1993 Neo Geo All Catalogue - Scanned and Documented

    Good shit as always, thanks Digmac!
  20. egg_sanwich

    FS: Turbo Force, Guardians, Sega/Capcom/exA I/Os

    Killer prices, someone got a scoops ahoy on that Turbo Force.