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  1. Evil Wasabi

    Hbd BlackSpy and The Chief

    @BlackSpy and @The Chief get in here and air your grievances!
  2. Evil Wasabi

    HBD Mainman

    @mainman you crazy fuck, have a good one
  3. Evil Wasabi

    Happy birthday F4u57, k_127, and Michael Yagami

    Have good time
  4. Evil Wasabi

    Euro Cup 2021!

    Tomorrow’s special: Turkey all’Italiano Honestly should be decent. Turkey has some real brand name studs now. really looking forward to France Germany on Tuesday.
  5. Evil Wasabi

    Happy Birthday ‘Duf

    Have yourself a sovereign individual day. It’s all yours.
  6. Evil Wasabi

    Should state governments allow company towns? Rider thread
  7. Evil Wasabi

    How much is enough in life?

    What amount of money do you need to hit in order to say “I’m good. No need to work anymore.”
  8. Evil Wasabi

    How to funnel campaign funds into your pocket, by Jared “Campaign finance records show the Trump campaign and its committee at the Republican National Committee, spent $617 million from their $1.26bn coffers through the company...
  9. Evil Wasabi

    Happy birthday Cylotron

    An opportunity to do things for yourself. Just tell people it's your birthday and you're taking off.
  10. Evil Wasabi

    Happy birthday Norton

    Hope that it is rich and full bodied.
  11. Evil Wasabi

    Will Trump declare premature victory? It’s the plan.
  12. Evil Wasabi

    Taiso’s birthweekend - what’s he doing?

    This is the weekend that Taiso will celebrate his birthday. Will he be visiting another writer’s museum? Writing a fanfiction about Bucky Barnes? Post your thoughts and wishes
  13. Evil Wasabi

    Private militias at polling centers illegal, explained by Georgetown Law What is a militia? Fact Sheet: Unlawful Militias in Maryland Federal and state laws generally use the term “militia” to refer to all able-bodied residents between certain ages who may be called forth by the...
  14. Evil Wasabi

    happy birthday to NeoEsZ, Ancient Flounder, and Neo Rasa

    Neo Rasa has been gone a long time. Same for Ancient Flounder. But NeoEsZ should see this and remember to log out and enjoy life.
  15. Evil Wasabi

    The Parscale meltdown I don’t trust Forbes as a source, mainly because of their ads and sophisticated adblockblocker. But this is intriguing if true, and probably why Brad had his episode...
  16. Evil Wasabi

    Vietnamese Police seize 320,000 used repackaged condoms The condoms were cleaned, reshaped, repackaged, and resold.
  17. Evil Wasabi

    Happy birthday famicommander!

    Arcademan, you can't discriminate against Coloradoans! :-J Happy birthday Famicommander, you artistic fool!
  18. Evil Wasabi

    what charges will officers face in the Breonna Taylor murder case?

    The AG in the case is Cameron, who is close with McConnell. I imagine that the court could be willing to let these murderers walk free in order to cause more protests, so that Trump can point and call them looters and rioters. Anything to help the cause.
  19. Evil Wasabi

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead

    Rest in hubris