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    Mai back in DOA 6

    I didn't see a thread for this so whatevs. Oh and KOF XIII is now Xbox One backwards ready.
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    Check out this video on YouTube:
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    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum released for XBOX One backwards compatibility Finally! I Enjoy the hell out of this title.
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    World Heroes 2 Jet arrives on Wii VC

    Wii Virtual Console Games •World Heroes 2 Jet (900 Wii Points) "Choose from 16 historical or well-known heroes, villains and fighters and battle your way to the top to become the world's greatest warrior! There are two types of modes in this version, "Tournament of Titans Mode", where you...
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    Wii Virtual Console: Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge

    Pretty neat this came out....but maybe too little too late. How about Anthology for Live and PSN?
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    KOF iPhone Update Version 1.01.00

    "What's New in Version 1.01.00 “Iori Yagami”, “Mature”, “Vice”, “Elisabeth Branctorche", “Shen Woo”, and “Duo Lon” join the original cast of 14 characters of “THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i” for a total of 20 fighters available! These 6 new entries will increase the number of possible teams, allowing...
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    KOF XIII Hits iPhones Very cool. Bring it to the states please! SNK dropped this out of nowhere! I read it should be out tonight for the U.S.
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    Siliconera is reporting via the newest issue of Famitsu that Billy Kane is coming to the console version of The King of Fighters XIII! Details are sparse at the moment and it's unknown if there will be more console exclusive characters coming to the game, but we'll be sure to update as soon as...
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    Anyone see this before? Why the site cut off the url?
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    yeah i never see

    the latest screenshots or updates here. Like release dates and shit like that. This place seems to be geared more for people that buy the big ass cartridges and arcade machines.
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    Amakusa move list...samurai shodown 6 ??

    Can anyone explain his move list for me? I am having a hard time doing some of them. :spock:
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    Samurai Shodown Anthalogy coming next month? Uh....does any one know if this date is remotely correct?
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    Samurai Shodown V concentration moves?

    How are these done? I read your life meter has to turn blue but I can never get mine blue. How are these done? What about fatalities as well? I'm playing this on the XBOX.
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    Orochi, Chris, Mizuchi....

    I'm confused....are these all the same people? What's with the name change? Chris is Orochi right? And Mizuchi in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is these guys?
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    If you want to be a writer on our site, holla! Pay is nada yet cause we're new online but visits are growing. It's cool. :p email me at if interested or go to the site and contact us.
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    Hey check out my new site. It's all about fighting games. It's pretty much community based and only about fighting games. It's still in beta and being tested but so far so good.:buttrock:
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    What's up mane

    I have this crazy addiction to SNK fighters. What's up? I love KOF XI, Battle Colisium, Samurai Shodown V, KOF 99, 98, 2002 and a few others. All of my games are imported though, or just bought on a console. I aint rich enough for the real stuff. :angry:
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    KOF XI at #6 top software sales!

    In Japan 1. PS2 - Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria - Square Enix - 281,510 - NEW 2. NDS - New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo - 170,168 (1,848,813) - 5th week 3. NDS - Brain Training 2 - Nintendo - 57,752 (2,594,989) - 27th week 4. PS2 - World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 - Konami - 49,926 (863,457) -...
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    Anyone want to upload some SNK game soundtracks?:D