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    NGF selling DVDs now? (DVD for sale for $1,000.00)

    Isn't this the opposite way that eBay is supposed to work? The guy is slowly dropping and dropping his prices. Currently at $850... still a bit high.
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    NGF selling DVDs now? (DVD for sale for $1,000.00)

    Who else could this be.... <a href="" target="_blank"></A> They are selling a DVD for $1,000.00. Note the $5 shipping charges PLUS the $29.00 PayPal fee.
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    Top 10 rarest homecarts you own?

    Quiz KoF ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Quality Control

    We appreciate your efforts at keeping the signal-to-noise ratio at acceptable levels. ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Emulation Topic?

    Barring the occassional non-sensical rantings of what appears to be an unbalanced misanthrope suffering from Caps Lock issues, I'd say the best argument against this is that it turns into a forum where people beg for ROMs, which no one wants. An emulation forum wouldn't be too terrible, just...
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    Now, while this won't help in his hardware-buying decisions... Isn't this the type of case that's a perfect argument for use of an emulator? Say he has a limited budget, he would certainly want to try ou the other games but maybe he doesn't want to get stuck buying a version of Mark of the...
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    If you could be a Magical Drop character, who would you be?

    I'm with Caris... Justice ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Is this about Neo-Geo or what?

    It's barely been a week... While some who enjoy posting senseless drivel just to become an Art of Typing Champion, others may not necessarily log in every day (they should though, shouldn't they? ). Those people are now just reacting to the move. Ignore those threads, continue intelligent...
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    Neo polls

    More importantly, where's Money Idol Exchanger? Everyone knows it's superior to Magical Drop 3. I mean c'mon! It has a character called 'Cherrybiter'... ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Has anyone playinged twinkle star bright?

    Twinkle Star Sprites isn't bad... Only because I get to use this dude: Oh yeah!! ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    We dont' like pirate game

    Well, mostly because it's . And remember, this is Shawn's site, not yours. He's free to do whatever he wants with it -- he can add a damn Horticulture forum if he wants to. Same way, you're free to not post in those forums or not post on this board if you don't want to. It's...
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    "330 Mega": Bit or Byte?

    Mark of the Wolves is 84.5 MB uncompressed, 37.7 MB compressed... so, about 680 megabits. ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Beat-em up Magazines

    I want to beat up anyone involved in the creation of 'Esquire' 'Country Living' or 'Good Housekeeping'... Does that count? ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    What's the best non-fighting game on the Neo?

    Neo Turf Masters Metal Slug series Money Idol Exchanger League Bowling Stakes Winner Shock Troopers Neo Bomberman Overtop (only racing game I like) ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    The Best Neo Games

    - Money Idol Exchanger - Metal Slug (any) - Last Blade 2 - League Bowling - Neo Turf Masters - Agressors of Dark Kombat - Pulstar My all-time favorite is MIEx. ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    "330 Mega": Bit or Byte?

    That's about right. Think of bits as a measurement for a highway inside the processor. More bits = more lanes = more power. Here's's explanation: ------------------ Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
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    Check this out!

    Just wondering... How in-depth are some of these manuals? My favorite MVS-only game is by far, MIEx (or also Puzzle Exchanger). The actual rules are very simple but there's no strategy or tips/hints included. I think things such as those would make fan manuals the most valuable. Personally, I...
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    Look and see if you find a familiar face.....

    That's the work of Rick "Lowtax" Kyanka... I've been a fan of Something Awful for a while although other people like the work of Old Man Murray (OMM)... I never liked it so I don't have the link handy. Some of Lowtax's ICQ pranks are some of the bar-none funniest things I've ever read. I'd put...
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    Which is better?

    Metal Slug X should've been called 'Metal Slug 2 Jet' or 'Metal Slug 2 Perfect'. At worst, it's a rehash of two excellent classics - at best it's a remix of two excellent classics. Still a very fun game, but if it didn't exist, I wouldn't cry out in anguish. My vote goes for Metal Slug 3 as well.
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    "330 Mega": Bit or Byte?

    It's common knowledge that the original "330 Mega" of the NeoGeo system is that it could play games that were up to the size of 330 megs. Of course, that barrier was later broken with games in the Metal Slug and King of Fighters series that were well past that size. Now, the question that has...