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    NGBC free on Xbox live Gold this month.

    I already own this game and the online has been dead for many years but its free for gold starting on the 1st till the 15th. So people are going to be playing it again which makes me very happy as I've been playing the 360 version off and on, here and there every so often, for years that I kinda...
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    Shock Troopers 2nd squad or Ninja commando?

    If you had to choose one? Which gives you more enjoyment?
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    R-Type Final 2

    Yes a new R type game. Anyone try this game yet? It just released a few days ago. Thinking about ordering a physical copy but its priced a bit steap. Its series x enhanced and no real reviews online that I've seen but some are praising it. Just would like to know what you guys think. Im sure...
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    Sonic Wings Special and Strikers 1945 1 & 2 Saturn.

    Are these games as good or better than thier Neo Geo brothers? I ask because I collect Saturn games even more than I do Neo Geo and I haven't come across purchasing any version of these series odd as that is. The cheaper route would be going Saturn but just barely as aero fighters 2 is...
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    King Kong vs Godzilla.

    Trailer dropped yesterday. What do you think? Im pretty sure Kong won in the classic movie. All in all it looks ok I always thought king of the monsters deserved more hype
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    KOF XIII free on xbox live gold this month.

    Don't know how many people really play thier 360 anymore or better yet have a gold subscription but its there. Not sure about xbone. I have never played 13 but I was planning on buying it multiple times. Like most games released on xbl I'm sure this will breath new life into the online play the...
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    What shooters have the most parallax scrolling? Or the best?

    Ive been playing Download on the pc engine and it kinda took me by surprise by the amount of parallax it had. I'm now on a kick for more. Know of any good ones or anymore that can top it?
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    King of Fighters 2002 and King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

    Hate to say it but I have never played 2002 and as such, I have been pondering whether to get the game for my Neo Geo or to just get 2002UM in a cheaper way. 98 is my favorite in the series right now and has been for a while and I much prefer my aes cart to play rather than 98UM. Will I most...
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    Which is the best of these 3 shooters?

    Pulstar Neo XYX Viewpoint Stuck on what game to get. Don't have nearly enough money or time to get all of them. Im very into difficult games and love to try over and over and get the most out of them. I have played last resort to death and its time to move on. And really only these 3 have...
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    ShaolinAce's Neo collection.

    Small but with a lot of heart. I searched out all my favorite neo geo games. I know its not much but I love every single game I own and play each of them regularly and semi regularly. While I know you guys can tell what they are from the spines, I'll let you know what the 16 games are anyway...
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    Is puzzled/ joy joy kid a decent game?

    Big fan of tetris and have a version on most of my consoles and this is where I am. Watched a bunch of videos to get a feel for it and it looks alright. Just wondering how it is from people who own it before I shell out for the one on the neo store that looks tempting. I know neo alec is doing...