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  1. cdoty

    Homebrew interest?

    Would you consider purchasing smaller homebrew Neo Geo CD games starting at $10 to $13? At this price, only the CD with professionally printed label would be included. More expensive packages would be available. Assuming you would purchase the games, would you be more likely to buy just the CD...
  2. cdoty

    Wanted broken Neo Geo CD power supply

    I am interested in buying a broken Neo Geo CD power supply, or the connector. Thanks.
  3. cdoty

    Yanton social commentary thread!

    Thanks to the many members of this board who have mention Yanton, I was able to find his site. I was able to pick up: 2 Puzzle De Pon boots for $25 each. The (16 MBit) 16 bit flash chips are easily worth $25 (there are four on each board), and two regular 27c eproms. I hadn't been able to find...
  4. cdoty

    Puckman Pockimon Jamma board?

    How common are the Puckman Pockimon arcade boards? Are they quality boards?
  5. cdoty

    Wanted socketed (EPROM) MVS Cart(s).

    I'm looking for an MVS cart with socketed chips, perferably EPROMS. I don't care about the title, since I intend to use it for development. I'm not looking for prototypes, cause I don't want to pay the premium.
  6. cdoty

    [Homebrew] Frog Feast Update!

    I have gotten Frog Feast (a Frog Bog clone) to the point where the frog can be completely controlled. A preview version (for Mame), can be downloaded from Game Shoppe . The Neo Geo CD version should be up shortly. I've switched over to using the NeoDev GCC compiler with custom assembly...
  7. cdoty

    Neo Geo CD Conversion Project.

    I have successfully converted 4 (1/2) games from the Neo Geo MVS to the Neo Geo CD. More information can be found at: Neo Geo CD Conversion Project