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  1. MuKuro

    NEO Candy 29" toshiba monitor photo needed

    I need just a photo of one Neo Candy 29" Toshiba monitor chassis, I dont need a perfect photo is just to identi the chassis. If anyone can post a photo I will be so grate!
  2. MuKuro

    I need some advices about power supply...

    I must replace the power sipply on two cabinet and I need help to buy the right one. I use lot of pcb: NEO GEO, CPS2, CPS 3, PGM, Seibu sp1 and Hyper 64...May I know what's the best power supply? All power supply wich I have see on sale are 15A like this one...
  3. MuKuro

    Metal slug 4 + MV-1F sound problem

    I have one MV-1F with UNI BIOS 2.0 and in stereo mode but my Metal slug 4 cart original get no sound after about 10-15 minutes during gameplay. Anyone have a dvice? really all others games works good on this Motherboard.
  4. MuKuro

    wanted memory card reader

    I need one memory card reader for MV-1 neogeo motherboard. Please contact me!
  5. MuKuro

    Wanted NEO DRIFT OUT MVS Cartridge

    I have love in this game then if anyone have an original one for sale please let me know!
  6. MuKuro

    New Astro City audio problem

    I get one New Astro City just yesterday and it is like new bytheway I get not good sound from the speakers, basically there is some there is a low buzz also when the game runs in demo without demo sound. Its more noticeable with some pcb in mono, example CPS1 and CPS2. Maybe the speakers are...
  7. MuKuro

    CPS1 Cadillacs & Dinosaurs pcb

    I'm looking for one original Cadllacs & dinosaurs cps1 pcb. Please help me.
  8. MuKuro

    Naomi Universal cabinet Monitor problem?

    I have replaced one 29E31S 110V SANWA 29" 31Kz monitor with one 29E31S-B 120V 31Kz. Basically those monitors are the same but the old one have 110V imput otherwise the new one have 120V imput. On my Naomi Universal cabinet (UK) there is an Xformer wich take 220AC and supply power to the monitor...
  9. MuKuro

    about power supply...please help me

    I have bought one 15A power supply from happcontrols( but when I have exactly 5V on 5V line I obtein always 11,15V at 12V line. I have bought anothere brand new power supply but I have the same results. The imput AC is 230. All my jamma...
  10. MuKuro

    sound problem with Naomi 2 and Naomi cab setup

    Suddenly I get a strange permanent sound in background from speakers of my Naomi Universal Cabinet. Naomi Power supply inside cab its OK, I have tested it. Speakers are also Ok because I have replaced them and there is still the same problem. Also all cables seam OK Naomi Universal Cabinet...
  11. MuKuro

    Sega Naomi power supply

    I'm need one original Naomi power supply also used in Naomi universal cabined. If anyone can supply this item please contact me thanks in advance
  12. MuKuro

    CPS 2 motherboard probem: no sound

    I have two CPS2 motherboard with no sound. There was some sort of problem with power supply (I have replaced it now) by the way those moherboards work but without sound. Fortunately all my B boards are ok. Anyone have idea how to fix those pcbs
  13. MuKuro

    simply the best seller here: neo-geo 2

    I want highly racommend neo-geo 2! He is very honest man, I recieved my item at very very good price with lot of extra and all PERFECT! Many thanks!
  14. MuKuro

    wanted VirtuaStriker3 Naomi 2 cartridge (not GD version)

    I'm looking for one Virtua sriker 3 naomi 2 cartridge and one Gundam Federation VS Zion naomi cartridge. I dont want the GD + ICs version.
  15. MuKuro

    I'M LOOLINK FOR Naomi or CPS2 stereo AMPLIFIER

    If someone can supply a Q sound stereo amplifier board or a stereo amplifier original by sega please contact me. I need those items for replacement
  16. MuKuro

    Whot's the best Arcade monitor for NEO-GEO?

    Anyone have tested a new multistandard monitor (15Kz-25Kz-31Kz)like HAntarex Polostar with NEO-GEO I wont buy one but I'm not sure if it can be the right choise also for standard res games...Let me know please.
  17. MuKuro

    Arcade Monitor Wells Gardner problem, help me please!

    I have a WG K7000 25" wich have a problem with focus only on the corners of screen. In the center of the screen all it's ok, but around of the screen's center and expecially in the corners there is strange red color like a focus problem. This is well visible when ther are clear script on black...