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  1. Gmegbln


    I'm with HornheaDD on this one, I like playing on a cab because it's like the optimal way to play my games without worrying about it - a big ol screen with arcade controls in front of it, and you plop a quarter in. Lets me get in the "zone" and just play without pulling out my supergun setup...
  2. Gmegbln

    Mr. MiSTer - my series on the MiSTer FPGA board

    How the hell did I not know about Daemonbite, I've been hmming and hawwing on a USB to DB15 adapter for awhile now. Thanks a ton awbacon!
  3. Gmegbln

    Sun Shine / Block Paradise on eBay

    Is that video actually from this year? I guess file neo protos with Bigfoot and UFOs, I don't understand how someone can physically record a 240p video in 2021
  4. Gmegbln

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Firgures?

    M, one of these days you should take a pic of where you keep all these kits. I want to see what your hoard looks like
  5. Gmegbln


    I appreciate the honesty haha. I watched it like a year ago. I thought it was a cool premise and setting wrapped around a generic anime romance, but I don't regret watching it I guess. It did get me flipping through Gamest scans though The folks I saw with Ono avatars seemed to stop posting...
  6. Gmegbln


    I've heard people bitch about High Score Girl making weebs run out and scoop cabs and it's shot the price up since 2018. I've definitely seen melvins that got into PCB collecting cause of the show but I wonder if they actually ran out and bought astros enough to make a difference, the machines I...
  7. Gmegbln

    BlackaneseNiNjA's neo junk

    Incredible setup man, looks amazing! Insanely jealous!
  8. Gmegbln


    I'll admit, I actually rolled the dice last month and I got a cab on the way from Yaton. Obviously if I had better options I'd have taken them, but there isn't anything at all in the Canadian Prairies so I kinda resigned myself to have to bring it in from somewhere myself, and Yaton's was easily...
  9. Gmegbln

    SotM May 2021 vote thread!

    Picking Viper 'cause it's the only one I haven't played before
  10. Gmegbln

    Multiple harness solution?

    Unless there's something I'm not thinking of, it should work fine. You'll be missing some buttons 'cause it's a Candy 25, maybe that's what they're thinking of? But wires are wires, if they're connecting to the right places with no interference I'm not sure why you'd have any problems. EDIT...
  11. Gmegbln

    Multiple harness solution?

    You can totally do what you described with an interconnect harness. By far the cleanest solution. Definitely don't replace original wiring, especially for Chamma. Fingerboard PCBs are pretty cheap on ebay and the like, you could buy a Jamma harness and lop the end of it and solder the wires to a...
  12. Gmegbln

    Do you ever feel depressed that your life is going nowhere ?

    Does it depress you for internal or external reasons? You shouldn't dictate your life around what you think society would think of your life. If you think you're a failure because you feel others look down on what you enjoy, then you really shouldn't let some arbitrary barometer for "success" or...
  13. Gmegbln

    What beatemup would you like to see redone as a vs. fighting game?

    The Hanging Baby Fetus in Splatterhouse WOULD make a good fighting game character, not gonna lie. Capcom's Battle Circuit should have probably been a fighting game, it almost feels like it was originally. I want the opposite though... make Art of Fighting or Fatal Fury into a beat 'em up or...
  14. Gmegbln

    Happy birthday Digmac!

    Happy bday dude!
  15. Gmegbln

    What was your favorite cab at your local arcade?

    I barely caught the tail-end of arcades, besides random cabs at roller rinks or pizza places I think I only stepped foot in like 1 or 2 ACTUAL dedicated arcades before they were dust in the wind so I never really played much. As a babby I have fond memories of Taito's Space Gun. I remember my...
  16. Gmegbln

    What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?

    By sheer hours, Puzzle Bobble for sure. When the pandemic started I literally played it every morning for an hour before work for several months. When I'm looking for something quick and fun to play I always go back to Neo Drift Out. Other games I pop in regularly: Zupapa Baseball Stars 2 Aero...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    😘 I'm glad you got that Susume Mile Smile board!
  18. Gmegbln

    count your blessings

    That's fucked, that driver deserves a beating. I don't even know what I would do in that situation. Glad she's okay!
  19. Gmegbln

    Donkey Kong Monitor Issue

    The Screen knob on the flyback is turned on way too high, that's why you're seeing those lines. Use a plastic tool and turn it down until you no longer see them. Hopefully its just that, if you can't dial in an acceptable brightness and colors after adjusting the screen I'd look into recapping...
  20. Gmegbln

    Mr. MiSTer - my series on the MiSTer FPGA board

    I'd move discussion to the other mister thread instead of this one just cause it's not about the video, but just checking, do you have the 128 RAM module? EDIT: Don't think we have an "official" mister thread but I'd say this is the closest...