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    Dreamcast controller VMU problem

    Question have any you guys had this happen & know whatthe issue is? I got a D.C. Striker ccontroller & two brand new oem blue D.C. memory cards. I played Gauntlet & controller works great without vmu installed. When i power on system with vmu installed in controller the controller wont work nor...
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    WTB Sega stuff

    Hey guys, im looking for two genesis snap cases. Also looking for these manuals. Master system: Thunderblade Genesis: Pitfighter Double Dragon
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    FS: Gauntlet Legends Dreamcast (sold)

    Selling a complete copy, condition good overall. Disc does have some scratches but nothing major. $45 shipped US only. (Sold)
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    WTB: D.C. games

    Looking for these Dreamcast games cib us versions. Bangai-o Dynamite Cop (found)
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    Gauntlet Legends arcade emulators or pie setup.

    Do any of you guys know if any pie setups will run this game? I really like to have both Gauntlet Legends & Gauntlet Dark legacy arcade. I don't know nothing about this emulation stuff. Just like to have something to where I can play these two on.
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    FS: gaming bundle (price lowered 10/13)

    Price lowered 10-13 Like to move all this out in one bundle. Asking $45 > $35 shipped. Q bert 2600 Shark Attack 2600 Dark Chambers 7800 Rampage NES Karnov NES plus 4 NES dust covers Overwatch c.i.b. X1 Two Neo geo controller extension cables
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    FS: Nintendo DS cases.

    Hey selling some of my cases, all these are mint shape. Have 25 bitboxes I got from Stoneagegamer. If you are not familiar they are almost identical to Neo shockboxes. 25 in total 10 NES and 15 SNES. Four of these cases are blank the rest has inserts. Here is the artwork for the cases. NES...
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    WTB 7800 & master system games.

    Looking for these 7800 NTSC versions, loose carts fine Ikari Warriors Kung Fu Master Mean 18 Golf Ninja Golf Also looking for these Sega Master system games. C.I.B. any region on these. Bram Stokers Dracula Danan Jungle Fighter Alien Syndrome S.O.R. 1 & 2
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    WTB: Mega Turrican

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a complete copy of Mega Turrican (US) Genny. Lmk,
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    WTB Gunlord, LHPB MVS

    Looking for LHPB or Gunlord MVS. I can't afford both, whichever comes up first im good with. Thanks & lmk guys.
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    FS: (price lowered 1/19) Large Atari bundle

    Price lowered. Wanting to sell all these as a bundle, price shipped U.S. only. All carts are excellent shape fully intact labels. Most are loose, some I have manual for and two games are C.I.B. noted which have manual and such. Was $175 >$130 shipped US only. 2600 Missile Command (manual)...
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    Looking for PCE & NES titles

    Looking for a complete copy of Sylphia PCE (found) (S.C.A.T NES found)
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    WTB: Ikari Warriors 7800

    Looking for Ikari Warriors Atari 7800 complete or loose is fine.
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    Retrogame.cyberphreak mods?

    Any of you guys ever use this guy for mod work? Seems like he knows his stuff. Just want to be sure don't want my stuff hacked up.
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    Atari Lynx mod work

    Any of you guys off mod work for the lynx? I've got a Mcwill LCD & VGA out kit plus a recap kit for a Lynx model 2. I would like to hopefully get it done in the near future. Lmk if you can do this or possibly refer me to someone. :cool:
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    FS: KOTM 2 MVS cart with english label (SOLD)

    Got a decent shape kotm2 cart with english label for sale. The label has a crease through it where the cart was opened at one time but still pretty nice shape. Sold $70 shipped.
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    WTB: (FOUND) Neo X joystick or gate / mounting plate

    Looking for a Neo X joystick working or parts. I need a gate/ mounting plate, I'm building two for my CMVS and I figured out how to mount Seimitsu ls32 in them. Had a mishap with my drill press last night and one plate got ruined. Lmk if you got a couple of these it be a great help.
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    (SOLD) Blazing Star MVS w/ shock & insert

    Got a nice Blazing Star cart but the label has has clear laminate or maybe the label is a repro. Got a shockbox & insert to go with it SOLD $145 shipped US.
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    FS: KOTM 2 MVS with shockbox (SOLD)

    Got a KOTM 2 MVS cart fully intact English label but the label has some wear. Cart shell very nice shape also come with a very nice shockbox. SOLD $80 shipped.
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    WTB: MVS carts (list updated)

    Looking for these MVS carts really want nice fully intact english labels. Slug 1 Football Frenzy (FOUND)