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  1. Neodogg

    Tahiti F3 sound

    So I fired up my F3 multi to play some Bubble Symphony with my daughter. The game fire up screaming loud so I go into the test menu and turn the volume all the way down but it’s still loud. I don’t think there is a volume pot on the mono...any ideas? correct got my title and I don’t...
  2. Neodogg

    Happy Birthday radiantsvgun

    HGB el scoop-o
  3. Neodogg

    FS: Super MVS Converter II CD

    Up for sale is a Super MVS Converter II CD. I'm the original owner, it's never been used & is still sealed in the original protective plastic pouch! Any dumb questions will be ignored. $25 shipped
  4. Neodogg

    (Jackass) XBox gift cards...???

    :scratch: So...someone gave me these (3) $25 cards as a present. I think they thought I could use them since I have a 360? As far as I know you can only use these on Xbox-One and up? So...does someone want to: 1) buy these 2) trade these 3) sell me a Xbox One cheap? 4) open to ideas I have...
  5. Neodogg

    (SOLD) FS: Tekken 2 w/ harness

    Picked up a cabinet and it came with Tekken 2, I'm not a fan so someone should enjoy it. Comes with the board, kick harness, manual, bezel move strips and marquee. $65 shipped in 'Merica and maybe up to Cory Land. No low balls, I know what I got.
  6. Neodogg

    Nomad screen replacement help

    I've got a Sega Nomad with a busted screen. I'm looking for someone to update it with one of the new screens to make it look perdy. Paying for services and a hot n ready or 10pc nugget...
  7. Neodogg

    Snow Bros board oddity

    I have a Snow Bros board that if I play it on a supergun it doesn't offer me the chance to continue. If I put the board into a cabinet I can continue? I know...get better and I wouldn't have to worry. Does this have something to do a coin counter being in line?
  8. Neodogg

    WTB: Sega Nomad

    Looking for a descent unit... be nice if it has AC adapter & car charger
  9. Neodogg

    Genesis CDX help...

    Had a co-worker give me a bunch of systems from his basement. One is a CDX but seems like the laser unit doesn’t work, sounds like the motor winds up but the carriage doesn’t move. Anyone want to take a stab at fixing this or know someone who does?
  10. Neodogg

    Expanding foam...

    I was think...over time boards will sag in the middle from age and can ruin a good pcb. What if you’d put some of the expandable foam underneath to give it support. The door and window stuff expands a little but not enough to throw stuff out of square. I’d assume that would be the best option...
  11. Neodogg

    WTB: GC Wavebird

    found enough Pokemon stuff... Looking for a GC wavebird w/ receiver. I swore I had another around here...
  12. Neodogg

    SOTM May - Darius Gaiden

    One table to rule them all! 1) 6,271,000 - Chosen One - ABDHLQV All - SAT - Y 2) 3,004,980 - Kidpanda - ABDGKP - MAME - Y 3) 2,365,310 - Dogg - ABDHL - SAT - Y 4) 2,354,470 - egg_sanwich - ABDGL - PCB - Y 5) 1,833,030 - c0nn0r - ABDG - Switch - Y 6) 0,819,750 - opt2not - ABD - PCB - Y...
  13. Neodogg

    SOTM: May voting

    Pick'm if ya wanna dance...
  14. Neodogg

    JAMMA ground wire melting

    not sure if I am somehow getting voltage coming back the ground...but my one ground wire is melting and has exposed some areas in the line. Any ideas why this would happen?
  15. Neodogg

    Yoke adjustement

    So my new to me Toshiba 14AF44 is slanted on the when I go to adjust the yoke, I loosen up the screw and rotate the yoke a little to level the slant and while holding it tighten up the screw to hold it. After awhile it rotates back, so I need to epoxy the yoke somehow or is there...
  16. Neodogg

    Arcade PSU pot value

    So my supergun runs on an arcade PSU and I want to be able to control the 5v via an external pot, what size do I need 10k? I assume desolder the factory pot and reattach the legs, eazy peazy?
  17. Neodogg

    PS2 controller

    Looking for two, who’s got extra?
  18. Neodogg

    PSU repair

    Does anyone work on these now a days or are we at a point they are just disposable?
  19. Neodogg

    Snow Bros caps...

    The video on my Snow Bros pcb seems to be dimmer than it used to be. The audio is fine and has been replaced with a sub board. Does anyone have a cap list or know where I can get a cap kit?
  20. Neodogg

    WTB - GB Everdrive

    Who’s got one they don’t want?