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  1. HornheaDD

    Gotta love that 24 bit coffee..

    This is the Rising Tackle blend.
  2. HornheaDD


    In a facebook group, Yaton posted that some candies can be shipped from China. $700 for the cab and $800 for shipping to my door. Is that seriously the going rate? I guess 7 bills for an Astro isn't bad, but - more than the cab for shipping? And it will take like 4-5 months to get here?
  3. HornheaDD


    Been married 23 years today and the wife got me a 15 year bottle of The Macallan. Shes pretty great. Now I'm spending the rest of the afternoon baking bread and drinking 15 year single malt. Sundays, bro. Sundays.
  4. HornheaDD

    Multiple harness solution?

    I have a Neo Candy 25 arcade cabinet which has it's harness wired as an MVS. I have a BigRed adapter from JAMMANationX, but I am wondering - is there a simple (read novice) solution to have more than one JAMMA harness set up? Here's my situation, I'm trying to figure out how to connect a board...
  5. HornheaDD

    Got a weird one here fellas.. Dreamcast MGCD wiring for a JAMMA edge connector...

    So, this "JAMMA" conversion of a Dreamcast isn't really JAMMA. Its got a weird wiring diagram where it wires all of the action buttons to the JAMMA edge connector. So Pins 27/28 on each side which are usually ground (as is my understanding). Because of this, if you hook it up to a standard...
  6. HornheaDD

    Anbernic RG351V

    Got one of these from amazon yesterday but haven't had much time to fiddle with it due to other mindnumbing shit. But it seems like a rad little handheld. Got a real nice screen and good button/grip feel. Anyone try one of these out yet?
  7. HornheaDD

    I mean... DHL can do this.. why cant FedEx/UPS? lol

    From China. It was shipped on the 13th, and its arriving today 🤣 Amazon said expected delivery was between April 30 and May 15th. This is the 3rd time DHL has delivered something to me in less than 5 days from overseas. Radness.
  8. HornheaDD

    Comic / stuff grading

    So I have a book of Marvel Comic Cards that I thought were worthless, and evidently for the most part, they are. But I do have a few that look like they can bring in a few bucks on Ebay or whatever. One of them I saw graded sold for like $700. I seriously doubt Id get that much for any of...
  9. HornheaDD

    MV-4F - hissing

    Ive got some noticeable hissing, even with low (or 0) volume on my 4 slot. It's definitely not the cab's speakers, as when other boards are plugged in, there is zero hiss. I'm not sure what could cause this, or if it's an easy repair. Im at work so I can tear it apart and take pics but I can...
  10. HornheaDD

    WTB: JAMMA Edge connector and Fingerboard

    Have a little project I wanna try to get up and running. I know I can get these things on Ebay, or Amazon but I dont want a bulk order. Just need 1 or maybe 2 of each. Anyone have any for sale for cheapers?
  11. HornheaDD

    Candy and Big Red differenes - JAMMA

    So I know there's an issue with standard JAMMA boards going into BigReds, needing an adaptor like XianXi's BigRed adaptor. Are Neo25 Candy's the same with the JAMMA issue, or are they 'standard' JAMMA? I bought an Atlas from XianXi ages ago to use a shitty Pandora box, but have since gotten...
  12. HornheaDD

    JAMMAfied Genesis, video too bright... pic inside

    I bought a JAMMA Genesis from a friend and hooked it up to my cab, and the brightness (or contrast? I never know the diff) is way up high. When I turn it on, the "Licensed by Sega" screen looks white with white text. The video looks fairly crisp, its just wayyy to bright (check the pic). Now...
  13. HornheaDD

    Anyone know anything about comic cards?

    I got a collection that a dude I used to work with gave me. I dont know which series they are, but it looks to be a complete collection, some of those that 9 cards made a whole pic, some foils, etc. Last I heard the bottom dropped outta comic cards completely. Ive had these in a book for like...
  14. HornheaDD

    FS: MVS carts

    Thanks everyone for the purchases, upon reconsideration I figure the two I was left with, FFS and SSII are quite good/fun/common games, so I'm gonna keep em. :) Decided I'm going to clean house a bit. Don't have a ton to sell but here ya go. Labels are English unless otherwise indicated (in...
  15. HornheaDD

    Digmac: Big ol' weener, this dude has.

    Bought a multi cart from this gent at a fair price, and he hooked me up with another goodie too. Top notch, shipping was invulnerable to the USPS' inadequacy. 10/10 would bang.
  16. HornheaDD

    Hey is Feedback on the sale forums enabled yet?

    And if so - how do I leave feedback for someone?
  17. HornheaDD

    Dreamcast MGCD - anyone use these before?

    Got a Dreamcast MGCD recently from a friend and I plan on throwing it into my Neo25 candy. Don't worry, Ive got a JammaNationX MVS to Jamma converter so that part is covered. I dont know a whole lot about these, apparently there's a weird pinout that these things use. Some googlin' brought me...
  18. HornheaDD

    FS: Retroflag GPi complete with extras

    Ive got a Retroflag GPi I just never use anymore. It's got a PiZeroW in it, with... a 32 gig SD card in it. But I purchased a Gameboy pocket D-pad and replaced the stock D-Pad so it doesn't feel all wonky anymore. Also has an AkumaMods charging circuit installed, an will come with some...
  19. HornheaDD

    Thinking of consolidating my MVS set up.

    Ive got a 4 slot (removed the battery) in a Neo Candy 25 with probably 11 or so games. I'm considering selling it and trying to find a small 1 slot and getting either a multi cart, or maybe a NeoSD. Id love a NeoSD but they are pretty damn pricey. Thoughts?
  20. HornheaDD

    Tapatalk Part Deux

    Will this be reimplemented? T'was the only forum in my Tapatalk app...