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  1. StaticX

    WTS 3 AES carts Metal Slug 3, Sengoku 3 and Metal Slug 5.

    Good afternoon guys, Selling 3 AES carts All of them are conversions. Prices are shipped in the USA Sengoku 3 AES $315 Metal Slug 3 AES $315 Metal Slug 5 AES $315 You can have all 3 for $900 Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. StaticX

    Neo AES titles vs new baby..WAVE 2.. good for you..and good for me!

    Baby coming next month. Japanese AES games and Thrash Rally is the only USA game. King of the monsters 2 AES Jpn $100 Crossed Swords AES japan $100 METAL SLUG X CONVERSION JPN $350 SOLD Matrimelee $600 (manual is bent) SOLD!!! King of fighters 2003...
  3. StaticX

    Ghost Blade.... play-asia exclusive. Anyone lucky enough to of preordered this? It looked great and by the time I wanted to preorder it.... poof gone. >_<
  4. StaticX

    Happy birthday Silent Hill 2

    It's been 15 years today since the game came out. Anyone else love this game as much as me?
  5. StaticX

    FS: Fatal Fury :WA and RBS2 posters

    Selling these 2 together. They are legit and some of Shinkiro's finest work. $140 shipped together. Any questions just ask. :)
  6. StaticX

    Anyone here like fanfiction? Any good ones?

    Wondering if any of you here write your own? Are there any good ones? Silent Hill 2 is quite possibly my favorite game ever made (along with Shenmue and RBS) and the VA for James (Guy Cihi) did the audio reading over his character for a fan last year. Thought that...
  7. StaticX

    Those of you who went to College.... end up getting a career in what you majored in?

    Curious is all, I graduated recently and dual majored in international Business, and Marketing.... somehow subbing is pretty fun and I'm thinking about getting a masters and possibly going down the path into becoming a professor or something. Most likely in business. Just wondering if any of...
  8. StaticX

    Looking for MOTW japanese aes insert or scan

    A scan would be cool. Bought a legit cart about 2 years ago and the manual from Ryan Smith a bit after. But I hate the shock box insert I got on an aes game. Please lemme know. Thank you. :)
  9. StaticX

    2 years ago got an MOTW with no insert but came with the manual

    Make a file of the Japanese aes insert? Please. I want to have xorthen print it out :)
  10. StaticX

    Last of my SNK posters for sale.

    Hey guys, sorry ive been out of the loop a bit. Getting a divorce right now, but I'm getting a BS and a BA in marketing and in International Business and walking next month so I guess there is an upside. Any ways here are the last of my original posters. Any questions just ask :) PayPal shipped...
  11. StaticX

    Horror games...Halloween 2015 name some great ones.

    Usually every year I play the Siren franchise, 1 on PS2 and 3 on PS3 (thanks Sony Asia). I'm thinking of playing through Silent hill 2, and 3... I heard the HD collection was bad, is it really that awful? Or should I just dig out the ps2 and locate some original copies? Anything else?
  12. StaticX

    WTS: mvs games and posters ROUND 2!

    How's it going guys? Selling some things that will be better used by some fans. Any questions just ask. All prices shipped Games for sale. Sengoku 3 cart with shock and art. Label is a remake.$150 shipped. Magical Drop 3 cart with cart. $80 shipped. Posters THESE ARE LEGIT 100% SNK! KOF 96...
  13. StaticX

    WTS Neo stuffs and mvs games and candy cab!!

    Neo mvs Marquees large 70 shipped for all of them.gone Breakers revenge mvs us $90 Mvs candy cab The monitor needs a toei chip, the monitor shakes. And the locks are drilled. Once you get the locks replaced and the monitor fixed it's a gorgeous looking cab. Pick up only $250. Maybe even...
  14. StaticX

    WTS 9 super famicom games and a couple ps2

    All together just 25 shipped PS2 import lot .....with a USA SF:AC 30shipped in the US [ATTACH]27087[/ATTACH More coming for the neo as well. Any questions just ask. :)
  15. StaticX

    Would you fund a kick starter for SNKP?

    I know people are heated about the shenmue3/sony kickstarter but if SNKP did one and it was for a game we wanted, would you still fund it? I'd love a kof14 or garou 2 kick starter.
  16. StaticX

    What The F*ck is going on with Konami?

    We all know about the P.T. demo getting pulled but they have now just delisted themselves from the NYSE. Maybe Kojima is buying them out himself with his fat stacks ;) *If this belongs with the...
  17. StaticX


    The kit I'll let go for $140 serials match and pulstar $170 which is legit. When I get home I'll take photos of the boards just to you guys won't have to worry. The blazing star kit I've had since 2005 and the pulstar I bought a couple months back for 190, but I let it go for less. Pictures up...
  18. StaticX

    Ever wonder what will happen to your collections after you pass away?

    My wife was being a bitch to me and asked that question. I didn't really have a good comeback.
  19. StaticX

    FS: Lots Of MVS WAVE #2 and neo candy cab

    Getting out of MVS and paying to rebuild my cars transmission so some stuff needs to go. Prices are shipped in the USA. Any questions just ask. Shock Trooperssold MVS with Shock box $70 Fatal Fury 2 US kitSOLD Complete US kit $40 Samurai Shodown 1 US KitSOLD Complete US kit $30 Samurai...
  20. StaticX

    What's the cheapest gaming laptop out there?

    If i wanna play like Diablo 3 or Crysis 3.... what's a good option where these games will play with no stutter. They wouldn't even need to be at the high settings. More like medium or just a bit better. Weird request, thanks for any help.