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  1. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: Assualt Suit Leynos 2 SS

    Hello! I have had these games just sitting in my desk for a few years and figured maybe I should try and sell them. *SOLD* Mushihimesama Futari is in great shape. I used the DLC code for Mushi back in the day. But I still have the card for it. Asking $55 plus shipping. Assualt Suit Leynos 2...
  2. Mr.Nemoperson

    *SOLD*: Street Fighter 2 CE cab with SF2:Turbo and SSF2X

    Hi, I would like to sell my Street Fighter II cab! When I brought it home it was just an empty shell. It had no side art, marquee, monitor, or control panel. I restored it to look like a Big Blue SFII:CE cab...but I am pretty sure it is not an original big blue. I am not really sure...
  3. Mr.Nemoperson

    *SOLD*: 12 MVS game lot (Windjammers, LB2, Neo Turf Masters) $650

    Hi! I would like to sell my MVS games. At the moment I would like to try and sell everything together. If I can't find anyone that want them all I will split them up. The games that are included in the lot are: Baseball Stars 2 Windjammers Neo Turf Masters League Bowling Metal Slug Metal Slug...
  4. Mr.Nemoperson

    *SOLD*: Sega CDX with 4 games. Streets of Rage 2, Lightening Force, Flashback, Sonic 2

    I don't really play many games these days so I figured I would try and sell my CDX and the last of my Genesis games. The system is in okay shape. Has a few scuffs but otherwise plays great. I have had no problems with it. Comes with 2 six button controllers, AV cables and AC adapter. I don't...
  5. Mr.Nemoperson

    *SOLD*: Capcom Q25 arcade cab with some games and a couple stools

    Cab is sold. Thanks for all the interest and kind words. Have a good one guys. Hi, Life sucks. And video games mean nothing to me now:crying:. So I am selling my Capcom Q25 GrandAm arcade cabinet:multi_co::glee: It is not in the greatest of condition. But it plays great and it has a lot of...
  6. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: Progear conversion

    Hi. I have for sale a couple CPS2 boards. Alien Vs. Predator is a blue USA board that has been phoenixed. Is in great shape and works fine. Asking $200+shipping *SOLD* Progear is a blue conversion board. It has a repro sticker on the front and also works great. Asking $200 Shipped in the USA...
  7. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: Street Fighter hard cover art books. SF20, SF:Tribute, SF: Eternal Challenge HC

    I am selling my hard cover Street Fighter art books. They are all in good condition. The books are: SF20:The Art Of Street Fighter hard cover edition Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge hard cover 2006 Comic-Con edition. Limited to 500 copies. The condition for this one is not so great. It was...
  8. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: Boxed GBA lot, Some Genesis games, Dragon Warrior 2+4 (NES), Rytpes+Delta (PS1)*SOLD

    I have some more games for sale if anyone is interested. Price do not include shipping. I am always open to offers. Also I know the pics are upside down.....don't know why Photobucket is doing that. GBA games: Pic 1 Factory Sealed: Final Fantasy V $65 Final Fantasy VI $95 CIB: Mario and...
  9. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: 4 Slot MVS board *SOLD*

    I am selling my back up 4 slot board. I tested it a couple days ago and it works great. It has a 3.0 Uni-Bios installed. The battery was changed in 2012. The sound sounds great. Asking $200 shipped within the USA. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  10. Mr.Nemoperson

    SOLD* Lunar 1 and 2 bundle (SCD+PS1 games)+Hard cover strategy guide for L2

    Everything is *SOLD* I have for sale Lunar 1 and 2 for the Sega CD and PS1. They are all in OK to good shape. Lunar 1 for SCD is in good condition and is complete. The manual has a little wear to it. Lunar 2 SCD is in very good shape and is complete. The cd has some minor scratches...
  11. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: Vasara *SOLD, Raiden DX PCB *SOLD

    Hi, I am selling my Vasara and Raiden DX boards. *SOLD* Vassara is in good shape and plays fine. Asking $200 plus shipping via USPS priority. Pic1, Pic2 *SOLD* Raiden DX is the shitty sound version and has a wire soldered to the jamma connector. If I remember right if its removed the controls...
  12. Mr.Nemoperson

    *SOLD*: 11 SNES and Genesis games. Rtype3, Crusader of Centy, Dracula X...)

    SOLD* I would like some spending cash and have noticed these are going for a little bit. So they are up for sale. Most are carts only. Prices include shipping in the USA. If I am totally off on the prices please let me know. Asking $700 plus shipping for the entire lot. R-Type 3 with box...
  13. Mr.Nemoperson

    Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact JPN CPS game/hardware *SOLD*

    Hi, I am selling my CPS3 hardware. It includes the board, New Gen enclosure, cd drive, 2nd Impact CD and cart. The game is the JPN version. The battery has not been swapped in some time. I will have to look to see when exactly. From what I remember 2nd impact was the only cart that did not have...
  14. Mr.Nemoperson

    WTB: Cheap-o KOF '98 MVS cart

    Howdy folks, I have an itch to play KOF '98 on my cab. I don't really care about the appearance of it. As long as its legit, plays fine, and is on the cheap side I'm a happy camper:) If you have one for sale let me know. Thank you!
  15. Mr.Nemoperson

    SOLD: In The Hunt PCB

    Howdy folks. I would like a little spending cash so I figured I would try and sell my In The Hunt board. It is in good shape and plays just fine. Asking $200 plus whatever it takes to ship to you in the USA. The board is a bit bigger than a flat rate USPS box so please keep that in mind...
  16. Mr.Nemoperson

    SOLD: MV-1A MVS board

    Tried selling this a couple months ago. It is still for sale if anyone wants it. It is in good working condition. The bios on the board is socketed and is in an easy spot to swap out with a Unibios. Asking $60 bucks plus $12 for USPS flat rate priority mail shipping.
  17. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: MV-1A 1 Slot board

    This kinda just sits in my closet. Figured I would put it up for sale. Asking $90 shipped in the USA
  18. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS: A couple SNES and Genny games (Incantation, Legend, Valis III)

    Hi, I want to raise a little spending cash.....or justify spending the cash on a new arcade stick and SFV:(. So I figured I would sell some games I have sitting around. I have not been keeping up with old game prices in awhile. So they are from Ebay and from videogame.pricecharting. Prices do...
  19. Mr.Nemoperson

    *TRADED* Busted six slot mvs board

    Hi, I have a broken six slot MVS board for trade or sale. I messed up the NEO-B0 chip up pretty badly and it probably needs to be replaced. My buddy thought he could repair it but he never got around to it. The board is in not so great shape. Aside from my own incompetence, its got a crack in...
  20. Mr.Nemoperson

    FS/T: Busted Neo Geo Six Slot Board $60+sihpping.....Or looking for someone to repair it.

    The short of it is that I messed up the NEO-B0 chip up pretty badly and it probably needs to be replaced. The long of it is I recently purchased the six slot board on KLOV. When it arrived it had a problem with its color output. With the help of some kind forum tech folks I was able to get that...