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  1. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo Coming in 2021, $199 I personally would have preferred a PC Engine. Oh, it has built in bluetooth, and the Pocket is gaining Hucard support.
  2. city41

    Super Mario 64 PC Port

    The Super Mario 64 PC port is f'ing amazing After they decompiled the N64 ROM to C, they were then able to port the game to PC. Since it's based on the original N64 game's code, the port is absolutely perfect. But from there you can add higher res, widescreen, mods, whatever you want...
  3. city41

    FS: new VMUs

    Clearing out some stuff that's just been sitting around. New Dreamcast VMUs, $20 each lmk which color you want, blue or green Prices don't include shipping. Paypal gift or +4% SOLD Saturn Virtua Stick $70 - SOLD Super Famicom 4 game lot $30 - SOLD - Super Mario World - Yoshi's Island -...
  4. city41

    SOLD: OG Neo Geo AES joystick

    Stick is in excellent condition overall with practically no scratches or scuffs. Ball top is cracked (of course), and Neo Geo logo is a bit faded. More photos here $65 plus shipping. Paypal gift or +4% SOLD!
  5. city41

    Making animated gifs from a running Neo emulator

    I wrote a post that explains a my little tool for creating gifs from the video memory of the Neo. Thought people here might find it interesting.
  6. city41

    MegaSD support thread

    Figured I'd kick this off. So far my MegaSD works great for the most part. Two issues I've not been able to resolve - some slight graphical glitches in CD games. Mostly happens on the BIOS screen. Possibly this is normal? (I haven't owned a Sega CD in over a decade...) - in game reset with...
  7. city41


    RGB modded NES with Blinking Light Win edge connector, the limited gold version. Works great and absolutely crystal clear picture through Framemeister or OSSC. Includes console, third party SCART cable, AC adapter (original), one original controller. $200 plus shipping. paypal gift or +4%...
  8. city41

    SOLD: Lemony Vengeance Jamma360 and SaturnJamma

    I no longer have any arcade stuff, so no longer need these. Jamma360 v3: play Xbox 360 on a JAMMA cab, $150 SOLD This assumes you have a six button control panel with Capcom kick harness. Kick harness cable not included. You'll also need a 360 SCART cable SaturnJamma: play Saturn on a...
  9. city41

    NeoSD Pro CD support thread

    Thanks to the awesome work of TerraOnion and Razoola, the NeoSD Pro can now play CD games. Here is the current list of supported games 2020 Super Baseball ADK World Alpha Mission 2 Art of Fighting Art of Fighting 2 Blues Journey Baseball Stars 2 Burning Fight CD Special Crossed Swords...
  10. city41

    FS 29 JPN AES games - ALL SOLD

    For sale, 29 Japanese AES games. SOLD Art of Fighting $70 -> $60 -> $50 SOLD! Art of Fighting 2 $50 SOLD! Art of Fighting 3 $500 -> $520 SOLD! Baseball Stars 2 $250 -> $185 SOLD! Dunk Dream $400...
  11. city41

    SOLD Blast City control panels, $50/each, SF bay area

    I have three Blast/Versus City control panels. All are original. All are structurally in good shape. The Versus City one does have a bit of rust. Can't attest to the quality of the stick/buttons, buy as if they aren't present. $50 each. I don't have a box anywhere near big enough for these...
  12. city41

    FS: XRGB Framemeister, CIB, english overlay, SCART adapter

    Includes stand, manual, box, ac adapter, remote with English overlay, JP21 adapter, and SCART to mini adapter. Works perfectly. Box has a tear in it. $300 shipped in the USA The JP21 to mini adapter is included, just not pictured.
  13. city41

    Free in SF bay area: (New) Astro City power supply

    I have an AC/NAC power supply from rs2006. They sold it to me used. It is in immaculate condition, but I have never used it. Never even plugged it in. I must sell it as-is. No cables included. Free for anyone in the bay area. Will not ship. previous items ---- CPS2 Darksoft Multi $400...
  14. city41

    Stuck in Soldier Blade

    Today I dug this out after many years. I am stuck here It just doesn't proceed, been sitting at this spot for about 30 minutes now enjoying the rockin' music. I remember getting stuck here before too. It seems if you die just before this part you trigger a bug.
  15. city41

    FS Progear CPS2 bootleg - SOLD

    CPS2 Progear conversion B board. Fits US and Japanese A boards. $120 shipped in the US
  16. city41

    WTB US AES King of Fighters 97

    Looking for a complete and good condition KOF 97 AES, US version. Thanks.
  17. city41

    Neo Geo music on Spotify

    I had no idea Spotify did this, so thought I'd share in case others also didn't know. Spotify has OST soundtracks for Neo Geo games. Samurai Shodown King of Fighters...
  18. city41

    FS: PC Engine/Turbo hardware, RGB N64

    Core Grafx with generic but works fine AC adapter, and ugly but works fine AV cable. Includes Galaga 88. System case has some scratches and what appears to by minor soldering iron burns. $80 PC Engine "briefcase" setup. Everything works great. No controller or AV cable included. Includes...
  19. city41

    FS PCBs: Ketsui, Espgaluda, Black Tiger

    Pics: All three games will ship in protektive pak boxes. Anyone in the bay area can pick up in person. Ketsui - $1200 -> $1000 + shipping The battery has been removed. The EPROM has not been patched. It crashes at the demonstration screen, which is expected and...
  20. city41

    ALL SOLD --- FS MVS: Metal Slugs, Blazing Star, Pulstar, Shock Troopers

    All are original, no bootlegs. All are cart only. Pulstar and Blazing Star have crappy replacement labels. Blazing Star has some case damage Metal Slug -- $45 -> $38 SOLD! Metal Slug 2 -- $45 -> $38 SOLD (for about $30ish) Metal Slug 3 -- $70 -> $60 SOLD! Metal Slug 4 -- $25 -> $20 SOLD...