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  1. Fygee

    NeoSD MVS Pro now available.

    Heads up that you can now order it via their website. It's not on Stone Age Gamer yet btw. Per their Twitter, this is a one and done production fun.
  2. Fygee

    New LGR video about using arcade boards @ home, including the MVS.

    LGR released a new video this morning covering arcade boards, and the litany of accessories you can use to play them at home. Good chunk of it is Neo related. Lots of great information, and as always with his tech videos, really enjoyable to watch.
  3. Fygee

    MVS 6 slot cabinet control panel question. Prototype cabinet?

    I'm working on restoring my six slot big red, and noticed something really peculiar. The holes in the metal part of the control panel look to be off, with some of them missing. The old CPO artwork had two holes drilled on the side so it would attach to the holes in the metal, and jutted out of...
  4. Fygee

    MVS-2-13 mini cab.

    Looking for one of the red holy grails, the Neo-Geo MVS mini cabiniet. Shot in the dark considering how rare it is, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask. Bonus if it's in Vegas. Condition isn't important as long as it's restorable.
  5. Fygee

    NBA 19/20 Season

    Figured I'd start a thread here since there doesn't appear to be one here for this season's basketed balls sportsing. Been a wild start. The Suns went from basement dwelling to awesome much to everyone's surprise, and beat Philly to kill their undefeated status. Miami and Boston are...
  6. Fygee

    MVS 4-Slot issues: Pixel garbage and constant resetting.

    I recently restored my big red 4-slot rev 3 cab, and now it won't work correctly. When I turn the machine on with a cold boot and no carts, I'll get the standard crossline screen asking to do a soft RAM reset or inspect the RAM. Note that its running UniBIOS 3.2. On a cold boot with any carts...
  7. Fygee

    WTB Memory Card/Headphones hardware for rev. 3 4-slot Big Red.

    Restoring a 4-slot rev.3 Big Red cabinet, and it curiously had the memory card reader and headphones hardware removed at some point. Looking to purchase functional replacement hardware for it.
  8. Fygee

    Gold cabinet repro CPO and marquees being sold.

    Figured I'd give a heads up in case anyone wasn't aware, and is looking to restore their goldie cab. Seller also has repro side and front art for the Ver. 3 and 6-slot MVS, and red and blue CPOs for the Neo Mini.
  9. Fygee

    Curious differences in first run 6-slot Big Red MVS side art.

    Something that's mystified me for a while, and haven't gotten any real information on, is there appears to be different side art of the first release of ver. 3 4-Slot and 6-slot MVS cabinets. I own a 6-slot that had that style of artwork, so I'm led to believe it was one of these that first came...
  10. Fygee

    Trump gave Russians top secret information.

    Current huge scandal going on at the moment, and its a doozy. This is being reported by the Washington Post, and was essentially confirmed by the DOJ as they requested some of the information to be withheld. That information, which has leaked from some reliable sources, is that the intel came...
  11. Fygee

    Anyone making Neo-Geo MVS cabinet vinyl decals?

    I'm working on getting my 6-slot cabinet restored, and have everything lined up except for the side art, 1P/2P arrows, and the headphone/memory card sticker. Doing Google searches, searches here, and other gaming forums, it doesn't look like anyone is producing these currently. Everything I...
  12. Fygee

    Samurai Shodown 6 is coming to PS4 11/22

    Great news. I've never had the opportunity to play this one yet.
  13. Fygee

    Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 60% off on Playstation Store.

    FYI, for those that have been wanting to pick it up at less than full price.!/en-us/games/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-/cid=UP1024-CUSA04112_00-GGXRDREVUS000100
  14. Fygee

    SNK soundtracks are now available on iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon, & Spotifiy.

    Currently there's 17 of them, and they're all the OST versions. King of Fighters '94-'02 Metal Slug 1-3 Garou: MOTW Samurai Shodown 2 Art of Fighting 1 The Last Blade 1 & 2
  15. Fygee

    Final Fantasy 15 delayed from 9/30 to 11/29.

    Unfortunately the game has been delayed in order to add more polish to content that was intended to a day one patch. On the plus side, we get to see the first 15 minutes of Kingsglaive (which looks amazing) and one hour of gameplay.
  16. Fygee

    Actual, real Garou: MOTW 2 sprites revealed.

    Source: Interview is with Oda and is in Japanese. Hopefully The Professor can translate it. That officially puts the kibosh on that "proto" screen with Mr. Karate being legit. Its pretty awesome that Oda was able to...
  17. Fygee

    Deviated septum surgery.

    Going to be going under the knife in two days to fix a heavily deviated septum, along with cleaning up my jacked up sinuses. I've had problems with both of those fuckers for as long as I can remember, and I'm both excited to get it fixed, but apprehensive since they purposely break your face to...
  18. Fygee

    CPS2 board security has been succesfully reverse engineered.

    The CPS2 "suicide battery" shall plague board owners no longer, and Phoenix mods will no longer be required. This is a pretty big deal.
  19. Fygee

    NGF EBay account selling supposed rare NG prototypes.

    I really hate to give NGF any level of oxygen, but this might have to be an exception. Currently there's an auction for an unreleased Neo Geo modem prototype. Other potential items for listing, such as Warlock of the Dates and other unreleased protos, are noted in the description. Take it for...
  20. Fygee

    Rumor: New Samurai Shodown game on the way.

    Heavy emphasis on the word "rumor" here as the article only claims "our sources" as its source of information. If true, the game would be out in 2017 and would follow KOF 14's path of 3D graphics and 2D gameplay.