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  1. daskrabs

    MV-1B Resetting at Title screen

    Any ideas? MV-1B, pretty clean boards, clean slot, good power, cleared backup RAM via DIP1. Crashes at title screen if it ever gets there. Voltage needs to be at least 5.15v, otherwise, crashes after BIOS. I can get into BIOS and do everything, except it crashes when I clear backup RAM.
  2. daskrabs

    Sigma 8000TB Joystick Cable

    Anyone know where I can find one of these? It's basically a Neo extension cable with 2 female ends. Maybe sold for some other legacy PC use?
  3. daskrabs

    Which chassis is this?

    Pretty sure it's a 25" Hitachi but not sure which model. It's not a GMK-25FS2. Any ideas?
  4. daskrabs

    Who fixes MS9's on the East Coast USA?

    I've got a couple bad chassis to possibly repair. In the past, I've used Sharp Image in Vegas and Arcadecup in WI, but I was hoping to save some money on shipping. Any ideas?
  5. daskrabs

    WTB Taito F3 motherboard

    Any region, but Japan or region free preferred. PM offers. Thanks
  6. daskrabs

    SOTM June 2020: Parodius Da!

    Let's do separate scoreboards for Saturn/PSX, PCB/X68K/MAME, PCE, and SFC. Normal difficulty. Roulette disable permitted. (name/score/platform/stage) SFC 1. daskrabs/616,500/SFC/1-10/Vic 2. Dogg/235,800/SFC/1-5/Vic 3. gusmoney/209,500/SFC/1-4/Vic Viper 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Saturn/PSX 1...
  7. daskrabs

    SOTM Voting Thread: June 2020

    Konami Month Da!
  8. daskrabs

    Too Many Games, June 26-28, 2020, Oaks, PA

    So, they raised the price of a 3-day to $60 :oh_no: ($55 last year). Time to ask myself how much I'm willing to pay to play candies and talk smack. I can do an after-party on Fri night (6/26) unless you out-of-towners are throwing down in your hotel room(s) instead. I live 40 min from the...
  9. daskrabs

    SOTM October 2019: Gradius III

    Let's do separate scoreboards for SNES, PS2/Arcade (basically same), and PSP. If you're playing SNES, I highly encourage you to try the speed patch. If you use it, note it in your entry, i.e. "SP". (name/score/platform/stage) SNES/SFC 1. Kidpanda 1,653,200 - 3-All 2. andsuchisdeath 964,600 -...
  10. daskrabs

    SOTM Voting Thread - October 2019

    It's Gradius month, baby!
  11. daskrabs

    Too Many Games, June 21-23, 2019, Oaks, PA

    Since we're 3 months out at this point, I'm posting up. I can't host the after-party this year, so I nominate Majors' hotel room, which smells like booze anyway. All Phatal Philly crew required to rep colors on Saturday. Roll Call.
  12. daskrabs

    Neo Pi X

    Recently, I had been looking for a new project, and I wanted to do something Neo-related. I also had my eye on the Raspberry Pi for a number of different emulation scenarios. Browsing YouTube for ideas, I came across a few people that took the Neo Geo X console dock, sans shitty handheld, and...
  13. daskrabs

    Blazing Star on Wii VC (NTSC-J)

    Can anyone confirm that Blazing Star was actually released in Japan for the Wii Virtual Console? I see it listed places but cannot find a wad anywhere. Not asking for teh romz, just trying to confirm existence.
  14. daskrabs

    Scanlines for Movies?

    Is there a convenient way to add a scanline filter to non-HD movies similar to Framemeister/OSSC? I mostly use Kodi and don't have either of those boxes or an SLG. I sometimes watch older rips of VHS-quality stuff and I thought it might be interesting to get that CRT effect on an HDTV instead of...
  15. daskrabs

    SOTM: August 2018 - Salamander

    No Life Force! No Konami code! Famicom 1. 467,160 - Beelzebub 2. 418,420 - Jeneki 3. 282,990 - daskrabs 4. 69,820 - opt2not 5. 6. 7. 8. PC-Engine Difficulty: Expert 1. 1,067,700 - daskrabs 2. 629,400 - Kidpanda 3. 436,800 - Neodogg 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Playstation/Saturn/PCB/PS4 Difficulty...
  16. daskrabs

    SOTM August 2018 Voting Thread

    It's Konami month!
  17. daskrabs

    MS9 Adapter for Blast City?

    Does anyone make or sell a breakout adapter to run an MS9 in a Blast City? It would be a female 15-pin AMP UP that breaks out to JST connectors for video, power and degauss. I know people run MS9's in Blasts, but I'm not sure how they accomplish it. I'm considering making the adapter myself and...
  18. daskrabs

    Sony PVM 1910 Focus Location

    Anyone know where to find this? I had the back case off and went over the boards pretty well, but didn't see anything labeled as such. Nothing on the flyback itself like other CRTs.
  19. daskrabs

    Pandora's Box King of Air Hacking

    Has anyone figured out how to alter the mame settings on this box? I found the roms but not the emulator files. The PB4 instructions out there don't seem to apply.
  20. daskrabs

    AES 3-6 w/ No Video or Audio

    I have an AES 3-6 that boots to black screen with or without game. Using a 10v 1a negative tip PSU as specified. It's getting power. No obviously damaged traces or components. Any thoughts on where to start? Sometimes, without a game, it flickers slightly blue, then goes completely black.