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  1. city41

    What do you think of modern consoles?

    I like the Switch just cuz I like Nintendo made games. But other than that, eh. Every new generation has diminishing returns. I can barely tell the difference graphically from late 360 games to PS4/XB1 and even current gen games. It's nothing like when a new gen came out back in the day and it...
  2. city41

    What stages are your favorite neogeo games?

    Thanks, glad you find it useful. The vast majority I found on the web, I just wanted to gather them all in one spot and have a permanent home. oh yeah, and here's Franco's stage
  3. city41

    What stages are your favorite neogeo games? Just about every stage in this thread is at btw.
  4. city41

    How do you feel about FFS and SS2 holding steady as the least expensive AES games?

    It's like SS1 and SS2 are their own mini series, SS3 is an oddball, and SS4+ is its own series. In that light, SS2 stands up very well and even not in that light, could still be argued as the best SS overall. If nothing else, it's absolutely gorgeous. Some of the best pixel art on the...
  5. city41

    My thoughts on the Neo CD - An NGCD appreciation thread

    RBS is actually worse than RB2. LB2 and RBS I believe are the worst offenders overall.
  6. city41

    DIY SNES -> NeoGeo DB15 adapter

    Anyone know of the opposite adapter? I want to use my Neo stick on my GBA Consolizer. I built a converter from an old pad, but it's bulky as hell.
  7. city41

    The King of Fighters XI (Dreamcast)

    Anyone know how realistic it would be to do this for Dolphin Blue?
  8. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo

    It's a PCE/duo style control port for sure
  9. city41

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    They are sold here: When they go on sale, they literally sell out in seconds. This last batch sold out in 27 seconds. You can enter your email address to get notified on the next batch, or follow...
  10. city41

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I have the best hands. They're terrific.
  11. city41

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Managed to snag a StepManiaX platform. It's fully arcade quality (StepManiaX is an arcade game, and they also sell the stages on their own). And it's very customizable, so can be set up to play DDR, DDR Solo and Pump it Up. Like owning 4 arcade machines in one. I set up upper-right to be...
  12. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo

    With all the drama surrounding Analogue these days, wouldn't be surprised at all if a ton of people buy these up for scalping.
  13. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo

    That's why I was hoping they'd just do a PC Engine. An Analogue PCE combined with SSDS3 would be a perfect setup.
  14. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo

    The controller port looks to be the Duo one But the specs say "Original-style TurboGrafx-16 controller port" I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Analogue was unaware there is a difference.
  15. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo

    Totally agree. But they don't seem to really care. I get the impression they're much more about cool design and innovation than actually providing products to people. If they could team up with a strong manufacturer and actually meet demand, it'd be amazing for retro gaming.
  16. city41

    Which is the best of these 3 shooters?

    If I was forced to pick one, I'd take R-Type over Pulstar. But it's really damn close. Pulstar is an excellent game and well worth playing.
  17. city41

    Analogue Duo: FPGA Turbo Duo Coming in 2021, $199 I personally would have preferred a PC Engine. Oh, it has built in bluetooth, and the Pocket is gaining Hucard support.
  18. city41

    Has anybody ever considered porting Super Mario Bros. to the Neo Geo?

    Very cool. Keep it up, would love to see it finished.
  19. city41

    What is your fav KOF intro?

    Seeing the 94 intro in an arcade in 1994 was probably pretty awesome.
  20. city41

    Super Mario 64 PC Port

    They just stay in their idle state, like these guys are just constantly going in circles till you get near them You can also turn off draw distance, so everything always gets rendered no matter how far away it is Don't knock it till you try it. It's fricking amazing. That's ... an...