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  1. CORY

    FREE Steam keys for the OGs

    Anyone here want any of these? :D (humble bundle choice) - Cryofall - Dark Future: Blood Red States - Dead in Vinland - Desert Child - Eliza - Nightcall - Pathfinder: Ringmaker - Shenzhen I/O - Warstone TD - X-Morph: Defense - AI Wars 2 Gone! no more choice for that month - Bard's Tale IV...
  2. CORY


    It's that time of the year again! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a few rules to follow. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY :vik: RULES: 1- Secret Santa is for established members only (to make sure everyone gets their gifts). You must be a contributing...
  3. CORY

    Sold! Japanese bundle: Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1

    Summer cleaning time! :buttrock: USA and Canada only :D All of these games are japanese. Dreamcast bundle $80 ON HOLD for mjmjr25 (everything is complete with box, manual and spine card except for MvC). - Capcom vs SNK - Crazy Taxi - Guilty Gear X - Marvel vs. Capcom (no spine card for this...
  4. CORY


    USA and Canada only :D SOLD - Waku Waku 7 (english holo label, comes with shockbox) - $150 SOLD - Last Blade (japanese, complete with box and manual) - $30 SOLD - Japanese Neo Geo CD system with box, manual, SNK power supply and AV cable (I forgot to put them in the pic but they're included)...
  5. CORY

    Sold! A few PCBs on the cheap!!!

    USA and Canada only :D Everything is original, no boots here :buttrock: SOLD: - Aero Fighters - $40 SOLD - Magic Sword (with A board) + 3 Wonders (without the A board) - $150 for everything SOLD - Vampire Savior 2 (green B board on battery) - $100 SOLD - Strikers 1945 II - $80 SOLD Thanks!
  6. CORY

    FREE to real niggaz only: DESTINY 2 STEAM code (with DLC)

    I got this game in my monthly humble bundle. I remember playing the first game years ago and yeah... that wasn't my jam. Hopefully someone here is into this kind of games. Real niggaz only, you know who you are :cool:
  7. CORY

    Free to a good home! Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Steam)

    Established members only :buttrock: Edit: GONE! :buttrock:
  8. CORY

    Batman Ninja (2018)

  9. CORY


    It's that time of the year again! :D cdamm needed some help with Secret Santa 2017 so let's do this! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a few rules to follow. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY or I'll send a pic of Rot's nipples to your personal address as...
  10. CORY

    Free to a good home: Fallout 4 steam key

    It's the retail version but the game disc isn't needed. The steam key works just like a regular steam code:
  11. CORY

    CGQ video game magazines let's read.

    Call me a freaking nerd but I love this shit. Check out Jibs's channel, he made about 10 of these.
  12. CORY

    SOLD KOF Neowave + Atomiswave motherboard.

    The Atomiswave mobo isn't in the best shape but the game itseft is pretty clean. Works perfectly. Asking $70 + shipping. USA and Canada only Established members only.
  13. CORY

    SOLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PCB (JPN 2 players)

    I've bought this game from pipes last year (provenance). Original japanese 2 players version (english text and voices). Very clean, great shape except for 1 broken corner (see picture). Works perfectly. Asking $225 + shipping. USA and Canada only. Established members only.
  14. CORY

    Anyone here can build this sync pulse stabilizer? (HDTV and tri-sync monitors related) I've been looking for a way to get my Sanwa PFX monitors to sync properly with all the Toaplan and Taito stuff for years. The jrok sync cleaner helped with the Taito F3 stuff but that's about...
  15. CORY

    Magician Lord et les origines de la Neo Geo

    J'ai bien aimé ce vidéo avec Tonton Ben. Encore un gros travail de recherche. On apprend encore pas mal d'affaire et c'est très intéressant. Vraiment un vidéo à voir. C'est rassurant de savoir que c'est Ben qui est s'occupe de faire la bible Neo-Geo qui s'en vient! J'ai hâte de l'avoir entre les...
  16. CORY

    SECRET SANTA 2016!!! :D

    Cdamm needed some help this year with Secret Santa. All he asked of me was to be a separatist frogot so here I am. It's my pleasure to help this community and run the Secret Santa 2016 :D To keep it fun for everyone involved, there's a few rules to follow if you want to be a part of...
  17. CORY

    Thx! :D

    USA and Canada only (lol canada post). Priority goes to established members :buttrock: EDIT: I'll relist the New 3DS along with a bunch of other stuff later. Too busy with SS2016 right now. Thanks for looking :D
  18. CORY

    neo-geo 2

  19. CORY

    WTB: Yoshi's Island (SNES)

    Hey guys! :buttrock: I'm looking for a copy of Yoshi's Island. I don't really care about the box or anything. A loose ex-rental cart will do just fine. I just want to play the game! :D
  20. CORY

    Sold! MVS and NGPC carts :D

    :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co: USA and Canada only :vik: Neo Geo Pocket: - Last Blade (japanese, complete, very good) - $25 (spoken for, pics are coming) Pics available on request! Thanks! :multi_co::multi_co::multi_co: - Baseball Stars 2 (original english label) - SOLD for $60 to Liquid...