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  1. Neo Alec

    Galaxy Guns - New Shmup/Run'n Gun from Neotris Developer

    I noticed no one posted this yet. Chips on Steroids (Neotris) has begun the development of Galaxy Guns for NEOGEO AES/MVS. It mixes run'n gun and shmup phases. A playable demo should be out by September. I think I was a little too hard on Neotris when it was first announced. If they do a rom...
  2. Neo Alec

    AES Serial # 000004 from BlockBuster Video Found

    Someone on ebay selling their AES collection. Includes AES serial # 000004, with stickers from Blockbuster Video of all places. Thanks...
  3. Neo Alec

    RIP Shimura Ken

    Shimura Ken, one of the stars of Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki and the Japanese version of J.J. and Jeff has passed due to COVID 19. He was a huge celebrity, and this is big news in Japan.
  4. Neo Alec

    PGM KOV Plus Boot or No Boot

    Lately I've been adding to my PGM collection. I've noticed it's pretty hard to find reliable information on this system in English. I've noticed from the examples I've found online that carts of Knights of Valour Plus don't even seem to have a unique label on the cart. They just have a normal...
  5. Neo Alec

    X68000 Help

    My brother's X68000 CZ-601C stopped booting games a couple years ago. We changed the CMOS battery, but that had no effect. You can hear the system and floppy drive running when powered up. I've measured voltages off of the power supply, and it appears to still be supplying power. My main...
  6. Neo Alec

    Getting CSYNC from the Neo Geo CDZ

    I decided to post a topic about this since I was curious, and couldn't find an answer. You have to perform this mod to get CSYNC from the Neo Geo CDZ. I opened up my CDZ, and confirmed that it has the same issue as the toploader -- composite video is connected to the sync pin on the multi out...
  7. Neo Alec

    Ninja Combat Memory Card Load

    When I start a game of Ninja Combat in AES mode with a memory card in the slot and a game save on the card, it never displays a choice to load or not on the screen. It just jumps straight to the loaded saved game. I have to remove the card from the slot when starting the game if I want to start...
  8. Neo Alec

    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    I've started a new undertaking. I'm trying to review every Neo Geo game on Youtube in order of NGH number. I've only just started, and so far I have six videos completed. Please check out the channel and enjoy! Videos...
  9. Neo Alec

    MV-1C Too Bright on the Framemeister

    I can't figure out why my MV-1C is too bright on the Framemeister. I have 75 ohm resistors on the R, G, and B lines. Before, I was mostly using this on a consumer CRT with a YBPr converter, so it probably wasn't bothering me very much, since I can just adjust the brightness on the TV. I can't...
  10. Neo Alec

    GONE: Daedalus Converter

    $350. Includes shipping in the US. I bought it to try it out for a while, but I've determined I don't need a converter. Everything is like new with the original packaging. I have not used it much at all, and it is working perfectly.
  11. Neo Alec

    MV-1C Low Right Channel

    I did the stereo mod from Jamma Nation X on my MV-1C and it was working well. I wanted to add a headphone amp to my consolized MVS project, and that's where the trouble began. I ended up ditching the amp idea because it didn't work well. Quality was poor. However, now when I went back to the...
  12. Neo Alec

    AES No Sound

    I got a couple of junk AES systems from Japan. This one is a 3-3 board, and was not powering up. I removed the dead NEO-POWER daughter board inside that was converting the system from 5v to a higher voltage. The system powers on now and plays. The video looks good. However, there is still no...
  13. Neo Alec

    Replacement Foam Pads for Bottom of AES

    Is there a source for replacement foam pads for the bottom of an AES console? I googled, but couldn't find any recent answers. I bought a couple of junk AES systems from Japan and most of the pads are missing. The systems are in otherwise great cosmetic condition.
  14. Neo Alec

    AES Red Screen -Now Blue!-

    I bought a couple of junk AES systems from Japan. This one boots to a red screen. Here is what the 43256 chips looked like: The first few pins at the top of the bottom chip (pins 25 & 26?) look highly suspect, and don't seem to be okay. I tried reflowing the pins with flux and solder. Here...
  15. Neo Alec

    Moved to ebay: Consolized 2-slot MVS

    This has been moved to ebay: I am selling my 2-slot consolized Neo Geo MVS. I have had this MV-2F board since 1999, but it was consolized by kpj in 2005. It has been well-cared for. Both cartridge slots are working perfectly. The unit operates reliably...
  16. Neo Alec

    Which Controller for Which Game?

    When I first got an AES in the 90's, I was forced to use the original Neo sticks, even though I wasn't used to sticks at the time. When I got a Neo CD, I migrated to the pads, only to come back to the sticks once I got used to them and developed a preference for them. I've found that certain...
  17. Neo Alec

    SCART to Component (RGB to YPbPr) Converter Confusion

    I already have a Framemeister for my LCD, but I'd still like a way to connect RGB to my old CRT's. I'd rather use my old CRT TV's than buy a professional RGB monitor. There's too much space between the pixels so the games don't look like I remember. I've been looking to buy a SCART to component...
  18. Neo Alec


    Who agrees Xbox One is garbage? As a loyal Xbox buyer, I spent $500 to play inferior games. I was keeping hope, but the latest additions to the list (Metal Gear Solid, Thief, Wathdogs) put me over the edge. I...
  19. Neo Alec

    Touch Fighter for Android

    In Korea free Android games rule all these days. :help: I submit, Touch Fighter from WeMade Entertainment. DK7Y2rJV8o4 It...
  20. Neo Alec

    Neo-Alec's Collection

    I collect loose MVS carts. About ten or so are complete kits but I keep all the extras shut away in the closet for collection consistency. My collection is complete, but I am still collecting the unofficial games as they're released. This photo is the most recent I've taken, but it's not up to...