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    First album you ever bought?

    Easy Duz It
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    offical wwe thread

    Lance's commentary has always been high quality, I rarely find myself disagreeing with him.
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    WTB: Found

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    offical wwe thread

    For a garbage promotion, CZW had a great belt:
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    Capcom Arcade Stadium

    Gigawing, Progear and 1944 look to be a part of this, good shit!
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    WTB: NVM

    Found elsewhere Thanks!
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    WTB: Nothing

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    Your favorite level(s) in any games and why

    Music is great on this level. Famicom version having snow falling is a definite bonus, actually sold me on getting a Famicom.
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    Deadwood: The Movie

    Couldn't find a thread. Really enjoyed the movie, thought it was a nice bow on an almost perfect series. Wish some of the smaller characters had more time but overall everyone we needed to see got ample time.
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    WTB: New Style AES Stick

    Like the title says, if some one would like to sell me one it would be much appreciated.
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    PSA: Zero Gunner 2- for Switch Has Issues

    Reading on Shmups, apparently the game had to be built from the ground up due to the original code being lost. There are issues with collision as a result.
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    Devil's Crush - Leader Board

    27,683,200 - Devils Crash MD score
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    WTB: Model 1 Genesis S-Video Modded

    As the title says, I'd like to pick up a Sega Genesis model 1 s-video modded. Not picky about TMSS but I'd prefer one that has the HD graphics lettering. Looking for something that looks professionally done (not hacked to hell). Thanks! *Will entertain a model 2 that has good audio.
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    Devil's Crush - Leader Board

    Splitt442 - 18,103,400 - MD
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    WTB: Cosmic Smash Dreamcast

    Looking for a copy of Cosmic Smash, let me know if you have one for sale! Thanks!
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    Boston tips and tricks

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    Installing LS-32 in HRAP VX-SA

    So... I am a novice with this stuff, but I know replacing the JLF with an LS-32 isn't a straight swap in this stick. I keep reading I'd need a certain mounting plate, like an SS or something? Can anyone break this down into idiot speak? I have the skills to do the swap as long as no case...