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    Vengeance Hunters (Beat 'em Up) for the Neo Geo

    Are you using the same QA and customer service Terraonion does?
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    ZPF (A New SEGA Mega Drive + Genesis Shmup)

    Can't you just wait and see how the game turns out and then order it? Fomo preorder, dafuq is wrong with you people
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    "What Was Briefly Yours Is Now Mine": The PC Port Thread

    Good news for anyone that's too stupid to fire up an emulator and/or wants more plastic lrg shit cluttering up their shelves!
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    Best Visual Experience Neo Turf Masters?

    Noone can tell you what "best" is, it's pure subjective. Just play the game in some way you think looks fine
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    ZPF (A New SEGA Mega Drive + Genesis Shmup)

    Not if the music of said band was shit no. Zpf's music is perfectly serviceable for the gameplay but that's about it. I have a hard time imagining someone giving this soundtrack a spin on their music system.
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    ZPF (A New SEGA Mega Drive + Genesis Shmup)

    Did you listen to the soundtrack video before you ordered the vinyl?
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    "Just a moment".
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    SVC's greatest failure is how depressing it is

    Jesus fucking christ
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Shawn is that you?
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    So basically your average forum marketplace section, but offline?
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    Metal Slug on BBC News

    60k for a metal slug sounds a bit on the lowside for neostore pricing.
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    Android and Linux Handhelds - Shield, GCW Zero, GP2X, Pandora, Pyra, JXD, etc.

    I don't really see the appeal in getting a fake DMG to play non-DMG games on
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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Are these clowns going to provide the same level of quality and customersupport for that upcoming Vengeance Hunters game?
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    The thing with these undumped games running on custom carts is that you never know what parts are actually a neo game or what parts (if any) of the processing is offloaded onto some fpga on the cart, effectively using the neo as a just a video-out device.
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    Analogue Pocket

    Use a real cart so you can slightly dislodge it on the weird finnicky cartridge slot while playing and crash the game?
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    Vengeance Hunters (Beat 'em Up) for the Neo Geo

    Can't wait for Alex to loose his shit over this and completely insult and alienate his customers. What's taking him so long?
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    It can be dangerous to be black and a legal gun owner in America

    "please stare at my tits and try to decipher this ghetto bullshit on my chest"
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    MISTER SNAC help

    Lol, negro please
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    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    We'll see in 5 years i guess