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    Anyone in Toronto offer service to install Unibios?

    I have an AES I've been meaning to mod with the Unibios. I have the Unibios chip, but simply can't perform the installation myself. I'm wondering if there's anyone in Toronto who can offer services to install it.
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    Impressed with this Magician Lord speed run

    I finally sat down today to complete Magician Lord. I don't even want to bother guessing how many credits it took, but it was definitely a ridiculous number. I decided to check for speed runs on YouTube and came across this one. Anyone else here...
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    WTB: Battery cover for NGPC

    I have a NGPC with a broken battery cover and was hoping someone might have an extra they don't need. Shoot me a msg if you have a spare!
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    WTB: Neo Geo CD console

    I'm looking to purchase a Neo Geo CD console with 2 controllers. The system must be in very good condition. I don't want to spend more than $160, including shipping to Canada.