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  1. C.A.R25

    Did taco bell get any PS3s yet from their request?

    I wanted to know if there were any confermed reports of taco-bell getting a PS3, traded for a lifetime supply of fast food? I know they had made this request sometime after the PS3 made dash... but if some guy can smash a PS3 to get his 15min of fame from some online video... what of someone...
  2. C.A.R25

    Article: Online gamers show the same signs of addiction as gamblers and drug addicts What is your view on this article, considering that this is a gaming forum? I can relate to the addiction of online games to some extent... because I find myself playing PC online games much more...
  3. C.A.R25

    Woman, 92, dies in shootout with police What do you guys think of this? I am most interested in how the police made their entrance.
  4. C.A.R25

    Can PS3 use a PC keyboard and mouse?

    I looked on a few sites today and they stated that the PS3 can use a PC type Keyboard and mouse set up... this is would make playing FPS MUCH easer for someone like me... because I don't play such games with constol type keypads. After playing a PS3 today (some off road game demo, the visuals...
  5. C.A.R25

    Why the hell would someone sleep overnight somewhere to get a game system?!?

    The day that the PS3 came out was just another day to me... in fact, I never even had any idea that the PS3 was coming! But then I turned on the news, and what do I see? Thugs robbing gamers and game stores at gunpoint for PS3 consoles (or money people saved to buy the thing.) Is this what the...
  6. C.A.R25

    Any good fighter joysticks (for flight simulated games)?

    Thinking about getting a CH products fighterstick for playing the battlefield series, expensive though... and I have hardly found anything on ebay, would rather get a used model if I can save 50%... if anything I will get it new. Link at...
  7. C.A.R25

    the torture and murder of Atwar Bahjat, a Muslim lady television journalists in Iraq.,,2089-2168496,00.html Not surprised in the lest, the next thing down the road will be children IMHO… I already predicted that these sub humans will torture just about anyone... even people who help the needy or people who serve as a voice for others who...
  8. C.A.R25

    Need advice for a good notebook back pack or case brandname...

    What name brand provides a good value for notebook cases or back packs? Will look around BESTBUYS etc to see if there is anything good. Won't be using to much accessories or anything like that... only an external mouse, and a small external HD (and one of those small First Person Shooter keypads...
  9. C.A.R25

    What is the best place to buy a dell precision laptop today?

    Been looking up information on workstation class laptops, such as the dell precision M models etc... and even though notebooks are more expensive than desktops... the future is mobile, and I rather have some freedom when running my MCAD programs. But I never owned a notebook before and have...
  10. C.A.R25

    Tehran Threatens West With Homicide Attacks,2933,191910,00.html And for more info on Iranian suicide schools etc, just do a google on it... The islamofascist throat cutters and pinko communist, suicidal, die hard, hippy liberals would argue that it’s about damn time… "Bring it all down man, YEA!" And the...
  11. C.A.R25

    Thinking about getting another PSP, what is with emulators etc? Any new PSP models?

    I feel the PSP bug bitting me again, since I sold my original PSP around a year ago, I have been missing it ALOT and I wanted to know what is new in the world of PSP. Any neo-geo MVS emulators out yet, I had played the neo-geo CD emulator is was VERY impressive with how great the games...
  12. C.A.R25

    South park's Chef turned to the dark side!

    Tonight's south park featured the return of Chef... and I wanted to know what you all thaught of the fact that Chef cames back as a flaming child molestor in darth vader drab. I actually thaught that his initial death was very interesting... not even the death of Kenny comes close :buttrock:
  13. C.A.R25

    Could someone give me some good links to a computer site with DIY guides etc?

    Been search online for some DIY guides on building a computer (with detailed pics and the sort), but many of I sites I saw were too old for my tastes... I would like to find something current. Thanks
  14. C.A.R25

    Starting to believe that some conservatives are brain dead if they believe talk radio

    That is not to say I don't think a few well known wacko liberals are just as dumb... but I am starting to form my own objective view of those very popular, radio talk show hosts... especially people like Shawn Hannity. I have had to endure listening to these guys when commuting to school...
  15. C.A.R25

    I want to build a gaming PC that can play battlefield 2, Nam and 1942... need advice

    I purchased a Battlefield 1942 collection set (original 1942, road to rome 1942, experimental weapons 1942, and battlefield Nam)... I plan on building a powerful PC for both gaming and occational CAD use (for educational and hobby uses, not commertial etc). The last time I had built a gaming...
  16. C.A.R25

    Anyone here ever ran a desktop or workstation on 2 monitors?

    I am thinking of building a computer for running MCAD software and I wanted to know if anyone here ever ran a computer off of 2 monitors? This would make things more productive and less clutered. What kind of video card were you using, from the looks of it thus far, most of them are pretty...
  17. C.A.R25

    need the links to the SGR, D-lite's SG site and other SG sites.

    I totally lost the links to a few good supergun web sites, like the SGR site that had all those pics of different projects of people online, D-lite's web site etc. Some time down the road I will make another SG, but this one will be of factory made quality with the use of molded plastics or...
  18. C.A.R25

    How do I open .bin files?

    I downloaded some files and when I tryed to open them with winrar, I notice they were .bin files, how do I open those? Thanks.
  19. C.A.R25

    Need advice on getting a cheap cheap namebrand laptop Was looking on this site today and I saw some laptops will prices below $400, I never thaught this would ever be the case... what cheap, namebrands would you recommend? This would be something that should be able to last many years, I am...
  20. C.A.R25

    I joined my school's "College Democratic party group" today

    I had asked the guy who heads the "College democrats" at my school if I had to be a registered Dem to join, and since that the answer was no I joined in. I can't say I was interested in the college republicans much (Even though I am a registered Rep), most of them seemed to lack the skills in...