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    WTB: Irritating Maze Cabinet...

    In good working condition, preferable in the northeast. Have some things people might be interested in... A 6 slot MVS board that works well, but is occasionally irritable... Samurai Shodown MVS Fatal Fury MVS World Heroes MVS Puzzle Bobble MVS
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    The connection on a 4 slot by the volume sliders...

    Sorry, I don't know the exact model number of the four slot I have... just wondering what the connection by the volume sliders does. I have the manual, but it didn't make it's function very clear... It's a small one, maybe four or six pin.
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    WTB: 6 Slot Board, (still looking for Magical Drop 3 MVS too)

    Looking for a working 6 slot board... and Magical Drop 3 MVS... thanks.
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    WTB: Magical Drop 3 MVS w/ Mini Marquee

    Let me know how much you want for it shipped to Boston MA 02115. PayPal is preferred. Thanks.
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    Gun games that bounce off a mirror...

    I'm looking to get a generic cabinet to build a gun system, with a Police Trainer and a Point Blank game... there's a Police Trainer game in good condition near me for sale for $400, but the cabinet is one where the monitor is facing up and being bounced off a mirror. In all my years of playing...
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    WTB/WTT: Point Blank 1/2/3 PCB or Cabinet

    Will trade a Nintendo Wii with Two Wiimotes, Two Nunchuks, Two Classic Controllers, Elebits, Trauma Center, Zelda, Monkey Ball, Wii Sports, and a mess of Virtual Console games plus some money for a cabinet... Any offers would be appreciated. Somewhere near Boston would also be nice, but not...
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    WTB: Neo Turf Masters, Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug 3, Magical Drop 3 MVS

    These are the games I currently need in MVS format: Neo Turf Masters/Big Tournament Golf Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move Metal Slug 3 Magical Drop 3 I don't need full kits or any of the collector stuff, the mini-marquees would be nice, but absolutely not necessary. Thanks!