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    Some nice US/Euro AES carts on eBay

    Hello folks, i currently have some nice US/Euro AES carts for sale on eBay: Special 10% discount, if bought here, for fellow members :) Please post here or PM Thank you

    Brand New Razion AES english & japanese versions

    Hello folks, my brand new copies of Razion are on eBay: Japanese: Euro...

    eBay: some rare and cool Neo-Geo stuff for sale

    Hello folks, in the next few days i will list many rare Neo-Geo stuff for sale Let's start with these:

    eBay: Aero Fighters 3 AES for sale: want to own the most controversial Neo-Geo game ever?

    Here it is: the most controversial Neo-Geo release ever The infamous Aero Fighters 3 AES English version This is one of the 6 copies made Legit or fake?!? The debate is still going on... Now this is your chance to get your hands on the most criticized, controversial, talked about Neo-Geo...

    Brand NEW Bang Bang Busters AES English version for sale

    Hello folks, here's a Bang Bang Busters (Visco/NCI) - 66 Megs - English Version #22/100 for sale Game has been bought by me upon release and never used so you'll find it in brand new conditions Anyway can send more pics upon request New Price: 500 euro shipped worldwide with Express...

    NG-DEV AES for sale

    Hello folks, unfortunately i have to let these beauties go to finance something else Every game has been bought by me upon release and never used so you'll find stuff in brand new conditions Anyway can send more pics upon request Last Hope (NG-DEV.TEAM) - 186 Megs - Japanese Version #22/60...

    WTB Neo-Geo Book

    Hi guys, want to buy this Neo-Geo book Anyone of you has one for sale? Please post here or PM Thank you Michele

    Oliverclaude's Bakery Collection 2014

    As i previously said in private e-mails, your Kizuna is in great shape too.. Congrats not only to have been able to find it but also to got it in such nice conditions

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just arrived.. already had one but this has the box in better shape :)
  10. BRANDI

    Collezione in vendita a Milano La piu' grande e completa collezione mai apparsa su eBay? :rolleyes: Rumors dicono sia l'ex proprietario di Electronic Madness... In ogni caso notevole quantita' e qualita' :cool: Se avete...
  11. BRANDI

    WTB Neo-Geo Bag BLUE Padded

    Hi folks, i'm searching for a Neo-Geo bag: the blue padded one In excellent conditions please and i'm ready to pay very well ;) Please post here or PM Thank you Michele
  12. BRANDI

    FS: Cave Full Kits

    For sale some mint full kits Cave Proper collector's stuff and truly full kits here with also a lot of extra goodies: the perfect choice for a choosy collector Can send pics upon request AKAI KATANA (1.300 euro) Includes: Box Cave PCB PCB Feet A4 B/W Instructions sheet A4 Color Marquee POP...
  13. BRANDI

    Euro Kizuna's back in Italy

    Guardate chi è venuto a trovarmi giusto in tempo per le feste di Natale: (Sorry for the crappy Blackberry pic) Un altro esemplare aveva passato un po' di anni in quel di Brescia e poi se n'era andato :( Questo invece dopo essere stato in Austria fino al 2003 ed in Francia (Parigi) fino a...
  14. BRANDI

    FS: CAVE DODONPACHI SAI-DAIOUJOU KAN FULL KIT Brand New (Never opened) + Poster

    Hello folks, for sale a Dodonpachi Sai-Daioujou Kan full kit brand new (never opened) with official poster rolled in tube brand new as well Full Kit includes: Box Cave PCB PCB Feet A4 Instructions sheet A4 Color Marquee POP Instructions Strip (sticker) Extras: B1 Official Cave Poster Of...
  15. BRANDI

    WTB English & Japanese Neo-Geo Flyers

    Hello folks, i'm looking for english and japanese neo-geo flyers Please post here or PM Thank you P.S. Only looking for A4 flyers and NOT MVS kits mini-flyers
  16. BRANDI

    WTB: Neo-Geo Pony Canyon VHS/LD + Gamest VHS

    Please guys, help me complete my collection :help: Here's what i'm still missing: Gamest VHS GV-3 World Heroes 2 GV-5 Garou Densetsu 2 - Saikyou Battle GV-6 Garou Densetsu Special GV-21 Samurai Spirits Zankuro Musouken Pony Canyon VHS PCVP-11321 Samurai Spirits - Juuni Kenshi Retsuden...
  17. BRANDI

    NCI found Warlocks of Fate!!!/NeoConception/status/186053055626739712 It's better to open a new thread about this new proto find 神竜戦記(Warlocks of Fate) Truly exciting
  18. BRANDI

    WTB Full Kits Cave

    Searching for these full kits Cave (only if really complete and in excellent conditions) Akai Katana Limited Edition Guwange Ibara Kuro ~ Black Label Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.5 Mushihimesama Cave Matsuri 1.5 Thank you :)