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    Sengoku 2 (EU/US)

    Not sure if this is the right place, but what is the going price for an original Sengoku 2 (EU/US) MVS cart these days?!Ajxo7bJROBm4gZkNubI3ebdy0eJeuA
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    FS: Shock Troopers & Puzzle Pobble (+ 2 arcade pcb)

    Arcade Mega Sale - a lot of cool games! Payment via pp (as gift or add 4% fees) Shipping not included. MVS: -Puzzle Bobble / 30£ PCB: - Volfied (Taito) / 40£ (had to repair two broken traces) ->,
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    FS: SSK, AF3, Ironclad

    I have the following MVS carts for sale. ALL SOLD - Super Sidekicks / 10$ - Ironclad / 100$ - Aero Fighter 3 / 80$ :D
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    WTT (WTB) / Nightmare in the Dark MVS

    Hi Would like to trade my Matrimelee Kit (almost like new) with a NITD cart or kit. Or just exchange some $$$ for it! Just let me know via pn! Pictures of the Matrimelee Kit as i had various persons asking for them: Picture 1 Picture 2 Cheers mastercello
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    FS: MVS Carts + Jamma Stuff

    Payment via pp (as gift or add 4% fees) Shipping not included. Pics on demand. MVS: - Ghostlop (Conversion) / 90USD PCB: - Virtua Bowling (IGS) / 70USD -> -> Strip Bowling (not very common, klov doesn't list it) - Super...
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    FS: Various Jamma PCB's

    :forw: all games are original :forw: prices without shipping :forw: pics on request :forw: paypal gift or add 4% fees -The King of Fighters '98 (MVS) / 30USD -Taito F3 Motherboard (Japan) / 35USD SOLD -Taito F3 Motherboard (EU) / 35USD SOLD -Decathlete (ST-V cart) / 30USD -Tekken (Ver.B) /...
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    Capcom CPS1 Problem

    I have a strange problem with a CPS A-board. 5V and 12V are fine, also tried on other cab :arrow: same problem. The problem is on the A-Board, because i tried other A-boards and both games were running fine with it. The gameplay and also the sound is fine, just graphics are mixed up like on the...