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    FS; Castlevania limited, Twin Famicom etc.

    Twin Famicom Black with Super mario 2 disk Boxed like new complete, tested working, yes disk drive works. 240 Shipped Castlevania PS2 JP Limited box set Complete Like new 110.00 Shipped. PC Engine Manji Maru, Kabuki Den, and Gulliver Boy, Complete 28.00 Shipped. Super Famicom Super Mario...
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    FS; MVS Art, Art of fighting 3 ltd. etc.

    Panic Bomber art set JP 25 Shipped Power Spikes 2 art set JP Best Offer Super Street Fighter 2 CPS2 art set 24 Shipped Twinkle Star Sprites JP mini marquee Best Offer Art of fighting 3 Limited set Neo Geo cd 34 Shipped Gururin home cart no label, loose Sold. Paypal, or money orders...
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    Xbox Live 12 month card + headset

    Sold Sold
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    Twisted Metal: Head On

    Anyone playing Twisted Metal Head on- Online?
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    WTB; PS2 Imports/Metal Slug 3/SVC Chaos etc.

    Like the title reads, looking to buy these titles; Metal Slug 3 (1st release preffered) SVC Chaos Any shooters Can pay via MO, Paypal, or have items for trade here
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    FS/FT; Vectrex for parts/Xbox System/Modded for PS2 Saturn pad

    Like the title reads, Mega Drive JP Games All CIB Pulseman Ghostbusters Magical Troll Bare knuckle 2 Quack shot Best Offer Xbox System Boxed like new with controller, cables, and Street Fighter Anniversary collection used. Best Offer or trade Black Sega Saturn pad modded for...
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    AOF3 Program Board

    Does anyone know what type of pcb AOF3 uses for the program roms? I believe I have an MVS cart that for some reason someone trasplanted the program roms from another board, and then did a wiring job since it's not the right board. Thanks in advance.
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    FS; Like New Complete Super Famicom

    Like the title reads, like new Super Famicom with box manual/ 2 pads etc. Everything is like new, no yellowing etc. These originally came with no power supply or av cables. You can use a Genesis power supply and american Snes/gamecube video cables. I may have extra cables but I'd have to...
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    WTB; Saturn JP Virtua stick

    Like the title reads, I'm looking for the white Japanese model HSS-0136, not the American or earlier release JP version. Looking for one in good cosmetic condition, I don't care if it's working or not. Can pay, or have items for trade. Link
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    SOLD Region Modded Black/White Saturn + 4MB ram cart/S-video Cable

    Black/White shell Sega Saturn system with US/JP region switch. With 4MB Ram Cart, pad, official S-video Cable. System works great, has scratches but looks good overall. It also has a blue power led, and new battery. 105.00 Shipped Priority mail in the US. pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 Best...
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    Various items for sale

    FS; Nazo Makaimura 34.00 Shipped Saturn Import Complete with spine, like new. Mega Drive JP The New Zealand Story 31.00 shipped Near Mint complete Sidearms Jamma PCB 48.00 Shipped 100% working With manual NES 32in1 cart 31.00 Shipped About 28 different games, fully working. Super...
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    FS; Metal Slug/Samurai Spirits 2 MVS

    Metal Slug 55.00 Samurai Spirits 2 20.00 Shipping 6.00 1 cart Priority Mail with DC. 10.00 for both Payment methods; Paypal (confirmed address) USPS Money order. Not looking for trades at the moment.
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    FS; New NES Games+ JP Mega Drive games

    Gundam Psycho Salamander Jamma PCB Note; this game does require 5V- to be present on the Jamma Harness. $59.00 Shipped Priority Mail. SOLD TO B.I.G Astyanax SOLD Dr. Chaos SOLD Spy Hunter SOLD Tag Team Wrestling Street Fighter 2010 Wrestlemania Challenge Rygar SOLD All new factory sealed...
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    FS; Taito Egret- L.A. area -pick up only

    Like the title reads, Taito Egret 29" Rotable monitor (on a track) no need to lift up the monitor. Monitor has some Burn in, not really noticeable. 4 button control Panel set up for Neo-Geo, also can be set to Stereo-Mono by connecting-disconnecting a connector next to the Jamma Harness. Pics...
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    MV-1A 1-Slot + Samurai Shodown 2

    Like the title reads, both work 100%. Pictures available. 1 Slot Sold Cart only, official. Samurai Showdown 2 Metal Slug Payment via Paypal from a confirmed address.
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    FS; NES GBA SP/NES Bandai Fitness mat/Viewpoint PS1

    Payment via Paypal Trades; looking for Jamma shooters/Taito F3 Mobo/Gekirindan F3 cart/Last Resort MVS Viewpoint PS1 CIB, disc/manual like new, case worn. 19.00 Shipped Priority with DC Nebulasray Jamma PCB Best Reasonable Offer Hori Real arcade PS With box (poor condition) Stick in in...
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    FS; S-video modded X'eye/other

    S-video modded X'eye System does have scratches, regular pad, also has region switch for carts (plays all US/JP carts). Works great. Best Offer or trade. Dreamcast Agetec Joystick Excellent++-near mint Best Offer or trade Gunners Heaven PS1 JP Disc and manual only Best Offer or trade Air...
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    FS; HORI SAT Joystick CIB/Nes Multicart/PC Engine Coregrafx

    PC Engine Coregrafx 2 With Stereo composite video cable,power supply, and orange pad. Best offer or trade Air Zonk JP Complete-near mint 39.00 shipped Priority 8 PC Engine Games Tested working 25.00 Shipped Priority Ninja Gaiden Jamma Board Tested working 62.00 shipped Priority Arcade Card...
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    FS; US Saturn with Region Switch/Arkanoid Returns PCB with Spinners

    US Sega Saturn with Region Switch, with Stereo composite video cables/power cable, and 1 analog pad. Cart slot works great, new battery.Tested Working 100%. Not sure of price at the moment, looking for offers. Pic 2nd Pic Arkanoid Returns Taito F3 US cart With Manual, and 2 Spinners. Best...