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    The Trumpy Bear I just saw this on TV. Thought this needed to be shared.
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    Playstation Jewel Case Inserts

    Wanted to do this for a little while. Took getting my hands on some spare CD Jewel cases for me to sit down and finish this project. I've had games that have never had inserts. Couldn't find decent quality scans to just print, so, I've spent time putting stuff together for me to use. Could...
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    Korean Samurai Shodown Android Game. What is this I don't even Edit: I missed the one line in English about this being licensed. Still an odd find for me.
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    Navy Yard Shooting: A many as 10 shot, at least six dead in fatal shooting at Washington N

    Navy Yard Shooting: A many as 10 shot, at least six dead in fatal shooting at Washington Navy Yard
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    R.I.P. SnowKitty

    As discovered in this thread. SnowKitty, Rey Diaz, was found dead in his home on the 18th of August 2013. Local services were held in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Interment was in El Cajon, California.
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    Cernex's KOF 2001

    Cernex was in IRC asking about a KOF 2k1 cart. This doesn't look right to me. Maybe someone else can help eyeball it. It's got graphical glitches, board residue, and wonky looking roms. I'm darned sure this is a boot. How about it?
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    Car Advert Mailer - Awesome Video Game Mock-Up.

    So, I got a piece of mail advertising the new Chrysler Town & Country. You know, like you do. There's a mock-up photo showing an optional screens package with inset pictures that are geared toward pandering to families with young children. But, there's the weirdest "I want to see that be...
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    Donald "Duck" Dunn Passed away today 13th May 2012

    Associated Press Article Copy/Paste: TOKYO (AP) — Bass player and songwriter Donald "Duck" Dunn, a member of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame band Booker T. and the MGs and the Blues Brothers band, has died in Tokyo. He was 70. Dunn was in Tokyo for a series of shows. News of his death was...
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    Nope. Duplicate thread. Disregard.
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    March/April 2012 Post-Your-Desktop Thread.

    The return of the post-your-desktop thread. ...Woo...
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    Man in a cow suit robs Walmart of 26 Gallons of Milk.

    Link. Copy/Paste. Original report link.
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    July 2010 Desktop Screenshots.

    Been a while. Go for it.
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    R.I.P. Daniel Boone/Davy Crockett Fess Parker died today at the age of 85. He played Davy Crockett for The Walt Disney corporation and Daniel Boone for NBC. The Ballad of Davy Crockett
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    I NEED to see this series in full. If only to know what's going on. Kosho looks like such an awesome sport. American Gladiators had nothing on that.
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    International reverse Lookup?

    So.. Some time this morning I got a text message about a 2009 Toyota from another country. Babelfish isn't much of a help translating and I don't recognize the exchange. "011 50 246 420 888" The message text reads: Anyone get any hints from the dialect or number(s)? 502 Exchange. So...
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    Happy Birthday RocketLawnChair!

    Have a good'n!
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    Shooting in Binghampton, NY. At least 12 dead. I heard this on the radio on my way back from errands today. 41 year-old man parked his car to block the rear exit of a Community Center who reached out to help immigrants with citizenship and settlement issues. 40 people hostage. Two in cuffs...
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    R.I.P. Paul Harvey.

    Obituary. He died last night at the age of 90. Even with him being that age, I was shocked to hear the news on the radio today. The guy had a radio voice that's unmatched in style. I'm sad to hear he's gone. It's still a long life. When I heard the report, it was stated that family has not...
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    For -Hibikster-: Windows 7 Beta 700

    I'm trying this out too, atm. However, -Hibikster- has been trying to create a thread for this and keeps getting taken to the review screen. So... here's to getting things kicked off.