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  1. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Groove on Fight for Sega Titan Video

    I am looking for a cart for my STV board, anyone got one for sale?
  2. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Bootleg Atomiswave Carts

    These used to be fairly common but I can't find any anymore. I'm in search of a Hokuto No Ken Cart mostly and maybe a Metal Slug 6. Lock if not allowed but since I know I'm asking for bootleg merch, I would think this would be ok.
  3. DJ Long Cat

    FS: Atomiswave, Sega CP, CPS3 Simm

    Trying to unload what I have: King of Fighters XI USA Atomiswave Kit Comes with USA Artwork (Move strips and such) No bootleg! $135 Plus Shipping or Best Offer Capcom 32Mbit SIMM Pulled from a CPS3 and has sat for a while, I can't confirm it works but I don't know why it wouldn't. Honestly...
  4. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: 2 Undamned USB DB-15 Decoders

    Paradise Arcade shop is down for a few days but I need them by next Saturday. Anyone got any they would like to sell? Honestly I'd take the Terminal Block ones too if any were offered.
  5. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Wells Gardner D9200 Remote Board

    Anyone got this by chance? PM me if you do!
  6. DJ Long Cat

    wtb: NetDIMM for Naomi

    It doesn't have to have the comparable firmware but I am looking for one. PM M
  7. DJ Long Cat

    Sega New Astro City Lock sizes

    Anyone know the lengths of the locks I need for the Control panel locking mechs and the coin mech? My cabinet didn't come with working locks and I want to get them re locked.
  8. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Locks for New Sega Astro City

    Looking for a new set of locks for my Sega New Astro City, anyone got any?
  9. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: 19 Inch Monitor Cabinet around Missouri

    Anyone got an empty cabinet around Missouri or any of the surrounding states?
  10. DJ Long Cat

    FS: 2 Sega Control Panels (2L8B & 1L6B)

    I got these two Sega Control Panels for Sale. Can come with or without Buttons: Make me an offer on them. 1L6B: $60 + Shipping 2L8B: $70 + Shipping PRICES ARE WITHOUT BUTTONS.
  11. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Dead USA B CPS2 (Rev 7)

    I am interested in buying a Dead CPS2 USA board for the CPS2 Multi Darksoft Project. I would strongly prefer a Rev 7 Board and the G-Pac doesn't matter. You can also remove all the roms and battery if you want. PM me with offers!
  12. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: 12b2L Sega Control Panel, CPS2 Kick Harness, Sega Key

    I am looking for a few items: * A 12 button 2 Stick Sega Control Panel for my New Astro City. * A CPS2 Kick Harness for just 2 Player (No Fancy D&D bullshite) * A Sega Key like below: Please PM me offers.
  13. DJ Long Cat

    Drilling out old Sega Astro Locks

    I've already broken like 6 Drill Bits trying to do this. What is the best way?... What kind of Drill bit size or type? 2 of them are stuck inside the lock and I cannot for the life of me get them out. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  14. DJ Long Cat

    Sega Naomi 5V pinout on PCB

    Does anyone know which pins are 5V+ and which are GND? I'm talking about that little AMP 4 pin output.
  15. DJ Long Cat

    Ghouls n Ghosts starts at the 2nd level

    I got a GnG CPS1 conversion (JP version) and for some reason today it started just starting you at the 2nd level. It didn't used to do this. I was changing settings on the dip switch and I dunno why this started happening. Any ideas?
  16. DJ Long Cat

    FS: Assassins Creed Unity/ 4:Black Flag for XB1

    Got download codes here for both games: I was thinking $80 for both or MMAO for either since I don't really care I got this from the XB1 holiday bundle but I don't care about Assassins Creed to much.
  17. DJ Long Cat

    WTB: Japanese CPS1

    Looking for a JP CPS1 board, I need a picture of it to make sure its the version I need. Please let me know if you have one.
  18. DJ Long Cat

    CPS1 Jumbled Graphics

    So I was trying to make a GnG conversion and I installed all of the roms and I get this: This is the board in reference I can't get it to make any sound or get it to play but it looks like its running inside the jumbled mess. Any ideas?
  19. DJ Long Cat

    IC: Neo Candy 29 WITH 2L12B CP in Chicago

    I'm considering selling my Neo Candy 29 in Naperville, IL. *Its Completely JAMMA *Its grounded *Monitor is fairly good, no problems that I've had *Control Panel is 2 lever, 12 button (This is the only one I've found that fits Sanwa) *All New Sanwa Parts on CP *Cabinet is in 7/10 Condition. *All...
  20. DJ Long Cat

    Converting a CPS1 to GnG

    So Christmas is coming up and my brother is a huge fan of Ghouls and Ghosts. Naturally finding a board would prove to be a HUGE hassle so I've been wondering if a conversion can be done. I would buy a generic CPS1 and then convert the game using new burned ROMs to GnG. Is this think possible...