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  1. Hippee

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Fuck this thread just made me go into an action figure wormhole. Really digging all the pics you guys are sharing!!! Anybody like ULTRAMAN? Think I might buy this. Looks cool. Are there any BIG versions of...
  2. Hippee

    I wish posts had a "Like" button

    Cuz - I'm on here all the time, and I see funny posts and shit - but I don't wanna post a reply and just be like "lol, that was great." WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT? :tickled:
  3. Hippee

    Deathsmiles Leaderboards!!!

    So - I did the guldang score attack and got a dope score - and it said it was uploading my replay and everything - BUT MY SCORE ISN'T ON THE LEADERBOARDS?!!? Anybody know what the deal is? I wish more shmups would record scores better too. Like - the GC port of Ikaruga is awesome - you can...
  4. Hippee

    Austin FANTASTIC FEST film festival (new Romero, Miike and Uwe Boll movies!)

    So, I'm a bad forum member. I don't really keep up with everything going on. I've been busy. :( BUT I'm currently in Austin for the FANTASTIC FEST film festival. Unfortunately we missed Zombieland and seeing Woody. Did see Harry Knowles though (cool dude). We saw today - J-20: THE...
  5. Hippee

    Is bullshit lie?

    Seriously. I just got a profile. I've emailed like 25 girls - I've gotten one response so far. Anyone have much experience with these sites? There're tons of good-looking girls in my area - but I'm cynical and pessimistic about the whole enterprise. This isn't a makismo thread - :emb: - I...
  6. Hippee

    Hank Williams III appreciation thread

    So I saw Hank III tonight at House of Blues in Vegas. It was badass. Then he played in his band Assjack and they played a MELVINS song. I nearly fainted. Anywho, I got him to autograph my business card. He's a really nice guy - also met his banjo player. I'M GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL AND...
  7. Hippee

    Obama and OJ Hold Hands (youtube vid I made)

    Video I made. Click on it. Looks good in HD. Gotta go to work but I'll be back later to talk about it.
  8. Hippee

    How do you guys find new music?

    Huh? How? I really only have one source - - but I don't even really like the majority of the stuff there. Other than that - I sometimes find stuff I like by randomly clicking shit in the Itunes store. I suppose my musical tastes are - indie/weird/anything as long as...
  9. Hippee

    Colombians having sexy time with donkeys

    Apparently they do it a lot on the coast and everyone's cool with it. (including a mother/wife and a bunch of 11-year-olds). (Video Link) I only clicked on the video cuz I thought it was about asses in the Caribbean - like hot chicks asses. Which I...
  10. Hippee

    No More Heroes!

    omfg omfg omfg This gives me something to live for Anybody getting the japanese version??? omg I watched like 20 seconds of the video on the page and stopped - I don't wanna know ANYTHING about it - but it looks so unbelievably good - I want it...
  11. Hippee

    OMG, a Play-Asia coupon

    Yo peeps. Here's a Play-Asia coupon I got in an email - first person to use it can have it!!! Coupon code: RT-ESE-FFF Get US$5 off a purchase of US$50 or more (actual products value). Coupon expires after 60 days from the date of this e-mail. If you are not able to use the coupon yourself...
  12. Hippee

    Anybody Mac Safari masters?

    Yo - I've been messing around with this program - trying to get it to NOT autofill website names - I've tried every preferences trick there is - do I have to go into the libraries or something to delete something? The problem I have is if I start typing in the web browser - like punch in n -...
  13. Hippee

    OMFG a good Arcade!!!

    So I was in a mall today in Bloomington Indiana and an arcade opened up over the summer. So I go in thinking there'll just be crap - pacman and ddr. But I found a NEO GEO BATTLE COLLISEUM DEDICATED CAB!!! OMFG I couldn't believe it!!! They also have a 4 slot with SvC on it!!! I didn't have...
  14. Hippee

    Going to LA, need advice

    So, I'm going to LA with my mom over spring break. We can either stay at the Westin in the Financial District or at the Crown Plaza by LAX. Which do you think'd be better? Like not in a bad area (ghetto scary land)? We'll be renting a car to get around. I primarily need to be scoping out a...
  15. Hippee

    Any Elvis fans here?

    Hey boys and girls. I was just wondering if anybody here's an Elvis fan. I wasn't one up until about a month ago - Nic Cage singing Love Me Tender in Wild at Heart got to me and I got curious about the King. Then I got the book Elvis Undercover about how Elvis faked his death to go...
  16. Hippee

    I went to Graceland for Spring break!!!

    I totally did. No lies. I'm not really an Elvis fan but it was pretty cool to see his house and all his gold records and some costumes. I wore an elvis shirt and visor and a fanny pack the whole time to look cool. The actual Graceland house is pretty small - there were 2 planes of his you...
  17. Hippee

    Murdered my car today

    I totalled my car today. I was driving on 37 to IU. There was a car in front of me and we were approaching an intersection and it was a yellow light. So we speed up but then the car in front of my decides to stop. I slam on my breaks and rear end the car in front of me. My poor car was...
  18. Hippee

    External hard drives -what do you have/suggest?

    Hey. So I want to get an external hard drive - probably either 80,120 or 160. I know about pricegrabber and stuff. Is there any particular thing I should look for. I want USB2.0 and Firewire ports and I want something safe. What's the best to get? It seems like Maxtor would be good. But...
  19. Hippee

    Indiana University has MS 5!!!

    So I was going to the arcade at the Indiana Memorial Union (our fancy hotel) and lo and behold someone put Metal Slug 5 in the four slot NG cab over Christmas break!!! AWESOME - I have never played a "new" NG game before - I always have to wait for ports or play the NGCD versions. But, for...
  20. Hippee

    Hey computer guys - give me some advice on a new comp

    Hey guys - So. I want to buy a new computer. The one I have now is slow and crappy. I want to do large photoshop files and I also want to be able to edit videos with relative ease. My mom gets a 20% discount at Dell, so I am thinking I might get one of those - Would Dell be a good way to...