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  1. Pep

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Recently saw these: VFW: Guilty pleasure. Like an 80's "ultraviolet" style movie. GEORGETOWN: Good story. Christoph Waltz doesn't dissapoint. Recommended. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE: Cool, great design, good movie. Almosy liked it more than the human acted Spider-Man movies.
  2. Pep

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    A couple PIX'N LOVE (PS4) editions:
  3. Pep

    WTB NGCD - Mutation Nation / Top Players Gold / Neo Drift Out - Factory Sealed

    As the title says, I want to buy the Neo Geo CD games Mutation Nation, Top Players Golf and Neo Drift Out in factory sealed and pristine condition. Help me finish a full set of factory sealed Neo Geo CD games, just missing these 3 :eye::eye: Thank you
  4. Pep

    WTB Factory Sealed NGCD games

    Looking for the following NGCD games factory sealed and in flawless condition: MUTATION NATION TOP PLAYERS GOLF NEO DRIFTOUT LAST BLADE 2 Unless you have a solid reputation I may respectfully decline dealing with you and/or pay before receiving the game(s). Thanks
  5. Pep

    Is this mint? what would you do? please reply.

    I bought 4 games from a reputable seller from this site, the games were basically as described, and I was happy overall (just I would consider some aspects near mint+ rather than mint, but overall I thought it was not big deal, even though I am super anal). After that first transaction, and...
  6. Pep

    Loose hinge Snaplock Cases? will breake?

    The point is, when you get a brand new game that comes in a snaplock case it feels very tight or rigid when you try to open it. But I came across with a couple of games (not brand new but very close to mint otherwise) which boxes do not feel tight at all when you open them, one of the covers...
  7. Pep

    What are these boards?

    Here, thanks.
  8. Pep

    Beware of jhonny_d...timewaster, read for fun

    So I won this auction I made this seller a question before the auction ended and he never got back to me, but I still bid and won the game, for that price I could not go wrong. Now, 48 hours after the auction ended, he replied to my previous question and stated that the spine was slightly...
  9. Pep

    Advice on shipping options/rates from Italy please

    Chiao a tutti, I am getting a Neo Geo Home game shipped from Italy and the seller quoted me the following options: 1)trackable and safe packaging, about three days to arrive will be 60 euros 2) trackable and normal packaging, will be 40 euros 3)not trackable and economic options, thorugh...
  10. Pep

    WTF!! +$1000 US for a NDS?!!

    Check it out, this must be super limited or the buyer super stupid
  11. Pep

    Retro-consoles section? good idea?

    Would anyone else be interested in a retro-consoles section? the same there's a new gen consoles one...Sure it will get at least more posts than the Hyper 64 section and most language sections. Also, given that this is a Neo Geo forum, it is likely that members share interest for other old...
  12. Pep

    Auction for Sega Saturn SGX HSG-0007

    Here it is, I guess some of you never heard of it before, so I figured I'll post this as a curiosity The auction ended just some minutes ago, I expected it to be sold for more... Unfortunately, even though the system looks as new (according to the seller), it is missing the remote control...
  13. Pep

    Your biggest Neo Geo gameplay exploit.

    Mine would be beating AOF 2 on the hardest level without losing a single match (could lose a round though). I don't care much about high scores or beating games on one credit, I only care about beating them on at least MVS level. But I like a lot AOF 2. You can post anything you decided to...
  14. Pep

    Ben Heck + eBay = $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Check this auction and the BIN price, then start laughing at it.
  15. Pep

    WARNING: eBay member neoloco attacks again, stay away!

    Just to warn newer members and those who might not be ware of this guy: Neoloco scammed a member here selling him a freaked game: He posted pictures of a real one and then sent the buyer a freaked one, heres a link. He was aslo a member here under the name chavo4 and he was banned. Don't be...
  16. Pep

    Suggested price for a 2 slot mobo please?

    Just wanted to know if 80 Euros (105 USD) is a fair price for a 2 slot mobo, I may have the chance to buy one for said amount, but I am not sure what's the average price they sell for, thanks.
  17. Pep

    Beware of UK member neonutter

    Here's the deal: I bought a Mint WW7 Mvs Kit from this guy through eBay, the game was also offered here before going to eBay. I paid on December 6 through Paypal, the guy got back to me on December 9 (Saturday) and said he would ship on Tuesday (December 12), that was the last time I heard...
  18. Pep

    Help with eBay scammer please

    Hello, does anyone know or lives near this guy by any chance: Steve Morrison 936 w lovell kalamazoo, mi 49007 USA I bought a factory sealed game early this month through eBay and he has not sent me anything yet, he has closed his ebay account and just gives me unconvincing excuses, so I...
  19. Pep

    Anyone knows the eBay member mitccat?

    I had a deal with him and he's ignoring my emails. If anyone knows him let me know please (he's from UK). Thank you.
  20. Pep

    Help with possible scammer please

    Hello, does anyone by any chance know or lives near this guy: Steve Morrison 936 w lovell kalamazoo, mi 49007 USA I bought a factory sealed NES game (Adventures of Lolo) early this month through eBay and he has not sent me anything yet, he has closed his ebay account and just gives me...